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HP PCs - Frequently Asked Questions About Linux (FAQs)

This document applies to HP computers.
Read the list of frequently asked questions to find the most common answers.

Ubuntu One and Single Sign on

The Ubuntu One File Sync and One Music services are being discontinued and will not be available after June 1, 2014. However, an Ubuntu One account can still be created for Single Sign On and Launchpad. For more information, refer to the Ubuntu One account Web page (in English). To create an account, go to the Ubuntu One log in Web page (in English).

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system based on Unix. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Can I change my operating system from Linux to Windows?

Yes, if your computer hardware meets the minimum requirements for Windows. To find out if your computer hardware is Windows-capable and meets the minimum system requirements to install Windows, refer to the Microsoft Windows Web site (in English).

How do I open Windows with Linux?

Windows is not installed with Linux. If you want to use Microsoft Windows, it must be installed separately.

Can I use software that works in Windows with Linux?

Windows will not run in Linux without additional emulation software. If you want to use Windows software, you may want to install Windows operating system on your computer. Refer to the Microsoft Windows Web site (in English).

Where can I find drivers or OS updates for Linux/Windows?

Find software and driver downloads at the appropriate HP and Linux Web sites:
  • Linux: HP may not provide drivers, patches, or upgrades for Linux on its HP Pavilion and Presario computers. However, Linux is a free, open-source community. Visit The Linux Kernel Archives Web site (in English) for software and information.
  • Linux printer drivers: HP develops and distributes an open-source Linux driver via the Web that supports most HP printers, multifunction printers and All-in-One devices. For more information on this driver, and a link to download it, see the HP Linux Imaging and Printing Web site (in English).
  • Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED): If you purchased an HP notebook PC with this edition of Linux, and you wish to continue using SLED, it is important that you properly register your PC with Novell to keep your PC updated. Go to How to Register your HP Device (in English) to learn more.
  • Windows: If you install Windows XP or later, many of the drivers are already part of Windows. HP also provides drivers and software for qualified systems on the HP Consumer Support Web page:
    1. Enter your computer model number.
    2. Select an operating system.
    3. Look for updated drivers and software.
    Drivers from HP are provided "as is" without warranties of any kind.

How do I reinstall Ubuntu?

First, back up all your personal files and data to an external storage device, if possible. Then choose one of the following options to reinstall Ubuntu:
  • Visit (in English) to download a free image of the operating system. See the Ubuntu Reinstallation Web page (in English) for more information.
  • If your computer came with Ubuntu and is still under warranty, Contact HP Support for a reinstallation disc.

Where can I find more information about Linux?

Visit The Linux Kernel Archives Web site (in English) for general information and updates about Linux.
For information about a specific Linux operating system, visit one of the following Web sites:

Where can I find technical support for my computer hardware?

HP provides hardware support. Contact HP Support for details.