hp vectra, brio, and e-pcs, hp USB web camera (P1978A), drivers for Windows 98 and Windows 2000

  • Supplier version: Logitech Version 5.4.4

Supported OS
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000

Note: For Win XP, HP recommends to use the embedded USB webcam driver.

  1. Copy the USB Webcam files in an Install directory.
  2. Launch setup.exe from Install directory.
  3. Follow installation wizard.
  4. You may be prompted that the SW currently installed was not digitally signed. This statement is a know issue, but the driver is actually signed, it can be checked once installation is completed. Just click Yes to continue.
  5. When prompted to reboot, accept.
  6. After having rebooted, follow instructions to physically connect the USB Web cam, to the PC.