This utility is for use on Mac OS X Operating systems.

The utility can be used with a USB connection. Be sure to use the firmware update utility that is specific to your printer model.

This update is recommended for the HP LaserJet M1005 Multifunction Printer Series that have a firmware version older than the one posted.

This utility updates the printer firmware version to the latest version.

The firmware version can be found on the Self Test/Configuration Page which can be printed from the printer's Reports menu.


Firmware Version 20120910 Fix:
● This is release for M1005 to help address Scanner Error 6, Scanner Error 12, and motor overheat/axle-sheer problems reported by customers.

● Added the "RFU" item to the "Setup Menu" to control remote firmware updates. The options are "On", "Off", and "Off and Locked". The default value is "On" – permitting firmware updates. Changing it to "Off" or "Off and Locked" will prevent firmware updates.

Installation Instructions

Instructions for the HP LaserJet M1005 Multifunction Printer Series Flash Firmware Update using Mac OS X operating systems:

Flash Firmware Update Notes:

• The Firmware Update Utility can use a USB connection to the printer.
• The HP MFP printer must be on and in a READY state as shown by the LCD display on the control panel and remain powered on during the entire firmware update process.
• Depending on the processor speed of your Mac, the firmware update process may complete on the printer before the update status progress bar in the flash firmware update utility on the pc screen completes, this is normal.
• Once the update process has started, do not use your computer for any other activity until the process is complete.
• Inform others connected to the product, both network and USB, to refrain from using the printer during the update period.
• Do not power cycle the product or the computer until the firmware update process is complete.


1. Download the flash firmware updater file from to the Mac desktop.
2. Turn the printer off and then back on to clear main printer memory.
3. Double click on the flash firmware update utility file. An HP firmware update window will open.
4. Select the appropriate MFP in the dialog window. If you assigned a different name to the HP MFP, choose the name that represents the correct printer.
5. Click on "Send Firmware" when ready to proceed.
6. The progress bar will begin to move to the right indicating information being transferred.
7. DO NOT power cycle the product or the computer during this process or the product may become unstable and or unusable without further attention from HP. The flash firmware update can take up to 5 minutes to complete. Please be patient.
8. During the product flash firmware update, the display on the product control panel will display "Erasing - Programming - Complete - Hewlett-Packard - Ready - Initializing - Ready". Once the download is finished the printer will be in the Ready state.
9. At the conclusion of the firmware update, the dialog window will show a smiley face. Click on exit.
10. The flash firmware update process is complete.

If it is desired to verify the update, use the control panel reports menu under setup, to print a configuration report. The configuration report will show the current firmware revision in the Product information block.

System Requirements

This utility is for use on Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X