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MyHPSupport - Individual User Guide

MyHPSupport is a tool for business users to submit and track support cases.

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Register for an individual MyHPSupport account

Steps to register for an individual MyHPSupport account.

  1. Go to HP Support.

  2. In the secondary navigation, click Business Support, and then select Register an account.

    Selecting Register an account

    A form displays with the Company user option automatically selected. To create an Individual account, select the Single user option.

  3. Fill out the new user form, and then click Register.

    Clicking Register

    A 'Successfully registered' message displays.

Redeem Portal invitation - HPID

Steps to complete the registration process.

  1. Check your email for the invitation email from If you have not received an email, first check your spam mailbox or contact your company administrator.

  2. Click the Complete registration link in the email to open the webpage with the invitation code.

  3. First time users have to create an HPID account by clicking Don’t have an account? Sign up.

    Clicking the Sign up link to create a new HPID
  4. Complete the Create Account form, and then click Create Account.

    Creating a new HP account
  5. Return to your email account to open the HP account confirmation email with your verification code.

  6. Copy the verification code in the email message, paste the code into the Verify email address form, and then click Verify to go to the MyHPSupport Portal.

    Entering the verification code to complete the account setup
  7. For future reference, bookmark

Case management profile settings

Steps to create your profile.

  1. Fill out all the required fields in the My profile section.


    This information is specifically for support case creation, and these fields are prefilled in the case create form. Information entered here does not apply to your HP sign-in account.

    Filling out all the required fields
  2. Fill out the address fields. If your business has more than one location, input the primary location.


    The Opt in or Opt out option only applies to case notification updates. Opting to receive email notifications does not impact any opt out options in HP sign-in.

    Filling out the address fields
  3. After you complete filling all the required fields, click Save.

  4. If you need to make any edits to this information in the future, click Edit profile at the top of the page.

    Clicking Edit profile

Saved addresses

The Saved addresses section is not required. If you choose to fill out the Saved addresses section, the address prefills when you initiate a new case for parts (if different than the equipment location address).

Filling out Saved addresses section

Create a new case

Steps to create a new support case in MyHPSupport.

  1. Click Business Support, and then select Create a new case.

    Selecting Create a new case
  2. Create a new case by one of the following methods:

    • Type a product serial number.

    • Type a Support Agreement ID (SAID).

    • Search by product name (this field is for products that do not have serial numbers, such as Remote Graphics Software and HP Instant Ink).

      Submitting a new case
  3. Click Create case.

  4. Fill out all Case creation fields.


    If you have questions about a field, click the blue question mark.

    Filling out all case creation fields
  5. To better assist the agent assigned to your case, provide a detailed summary of the issue and troubleshooting steps you have already taken, and upload any supporting files.


    You can upload up to three files with a maximum of 2 MB per file for a total of 6 MB. Acceptable file formats include jpg, png, doc, docx, pdf, zip, gif, bmp, txt (log files), and xml.

    Uploading attachments
  6. Make sure the prefilled Submitter Contact Information fields are correct.

    Making sure contact information are correct
  7. To add secondary contact information, click the Alternate contact information tab.

    Clicking the Alternate contact information tab
  8. Make sure the prefilled Equipment physical address information is accurate, and then make any changes as needed.

    Making sure the Equipment physical address information is correct
  9. Confirm the Parts Shipping address, and then submit the case.

    • If Parts shipping address is same as the Equipment physical address, click Submit case.

    • If parts are to be shipped to a different address, click Enter a new address for shipping parts, fill out the new address, and then click Submit case.

      Filling part shipping address

    A confirmation page displays that lists the case ID and other case details.

    Case successfully submitted page

Find an existing case and view details

Steps to find an existing case and view details in MyHPSupport.

  1. Click My Business Support, and then select Find an existing case.

  2. Type the case ID, and then click Go, or click the Cases by product tab, type the product serial number, and then click Search cases.

    Only cases submitted by the account owner display.


    If you search by the product serial number, all cases for that product display in the search results.

    Entering the case id, and then clicking Go
  3. Click the case ID.

    Clicking the case id

    The case details display.

    Case information summary
  4. For more case details, click Case History, Parts and service, Case details, or Contact & equipment location information.

Actions on a case

Steps to take action on a case.

Click the Update this case drop-down menu, select an action, and then click Go.

Updating a case

View, sort, and report case lists

Steps to view, sort, and report case lists.

The following case information is readily available to you as soon as you sign in to your account:

  • Recent cases: view of all cases created for this account

  • Recent chats: view of all chats created for this account

  • Recent service orders: view of all service orders created for this account

  • Recent part orders: view of all part orders created for this account

  • Cases by product: view and search cases by product serial number (details in section 6)

Finding an existing case
  1. To sort (ascending or descending) cases, click the text header for each column.

    Sorting the cases
  2. To create a report, click Export to Excel.

    Clicking Export to Excel

    The report downloads.

    Downloading the report
  3. Click the file to open the spreadsheet, and then save the file to the desired location.

    Downloading and saving the file

Contracts and Warranties

Steps to view and edit contracts and warranties.

  1. Sign in to your account.

    The My contracts and warranties screen displays.

  2. Click Contracts and warranties.

    Clicking Contracts and warranties

    The My contracts and warranties screen displays.

  3. On the My contracts and warranties screen, you can view Service agreements (Contracts), Extended warranty (CarePacks), and Manufacturer warranty (Base warranties).

    Viewing contracts and warranties