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HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Virtual Reality Headset - How to replace the head strap

After receiving your spare head strap, you can install it on your headset.

Tools required to replace the headset strap

You need the following tools to complete the following procedure.

  • Phillips #1 screwdriver

  • Thin pry tool

Replace the headset strap

Use the following procedure to remove the previous headset strap and install the replacement headset strap.

  1. Place a protective cloth on your work surface to protect the lenses during the replacement procedure.

  2. Locate the face gasket.

    Locating the face gasket
  3. Remove the cable clip.

    Removing the cable clip and the top of the strap
  4. Remove the top strap from the front of the headset.

    Removing the top strap
  5. Remove the rear gasket.

    1. Move the back strap to the MAX position.

      Moving the strap to the MAX position
    2. Pull out the back pad from the left and right sides until they open and separate from the rear gasket.

      Pull out back pad on each side
    3. Pull out the back pad on one side until it comes away from the rear gasket.

      Pull out the back pad on one side
    4. Headset with back gasket removed

      Back gasket removed
  6. Unscrew the headset speaker on each side, and then remove each speaker. Note that the torque for the speaker screws is 3.0±0.1 kgf/cm.

    Unscrewing the headset speakers to remove them
  7. Place each headset speaker in bubble wrap for protection.

    Protecting each speaker with bubble wrap
  8. Using a thin pry tool, partially open each sidearm.


    Remove each outer sidearm carefully. The audio cable is routed through the sidearms and must be retaped if the cable is pulled out of place.

    1. Push out the 6 sets of horizontal snaps.

    2. Push out the 2 vertical snaps.

      Opening each sidearm partially
  9. Pull the strap down through the holes in the sidearm, and then remove it from the sidearm. Gently separate the clips to avoid breaking them.

    1. Disassemble the strap from the sidearm.

      Removing the strap from the sidearm
    2. Pull out the plastic arm until there is a gap between the two pieces, and then separate the pieces.

    Pulling and separating from the sidearm

    Take care not to damage the audio cable in the following steps. Damaging the cable can result in a whole unit replacement, which will not be covered by Warranty/CarePack.

    Pull the strap gently to avoid breaking the clips. Pulling the strap roughly causes damage to the clips.Take care not to damage the audio cable when you remove the outer sidearm. If the audio cable has a floating problem, you must paste it back carefully.

  10. Disassemble the outer sidearm.

    Disassembling the outer sidearm

    The sidearm is still on the HMD due to the presence of the microphone cable.

  11. Remove the two screws securing the top strap assembly. If there are top strap assembly issues, the top strap assembly must be replaced separately only by a spare part assembly.

    Removing the top strap assembly
  12. Set the removed strap aside and prepare to install the new strap. If the audio cable was disconnected, reroute the cable and tape it to the sidearm. Do not tape it to the edge of the sidearm. Apply tape in the area designated by the yellow ring. The cable must be inserted into the slot, as shown by the red arrows.

    Routing the cable and taping it
  13. To reassemble the headset, pull the strap through the opening in the outer sidearm Please take care not to damage the audio cable in the following steps. Damaging the cable can result in a whole unit replacement, which will not be covered by Warranty/CarePack.

    Assembling the strap into the sidearm
  14. Press the inner and outer sidearm together. Make sure the strap band does not come out of the sidearm

    Assemble the inner and outer sidearm
  15. Align the speaker pogo pins with the holes on the sides of the headset, and then secure each speaker with a screw.


    Make sure that you install each speaker on the correct side. The torque for the speaker screws is 3.0±0.1 kgf/cm.

    Installing the speaker screws
    Installing the screws on the correct side
  16. Align the POGO pin and the hole.

    Aligning the hole with the POGO pin
  17. Locate the front and side snaps on the back strap.

    Locating the snaps of the back gasket
  18. To avoid damage, gently push the rear gasket clips onto the back strap snaps, starting from the central snap and moving to the sides. You will hear a click when each snap is connected.

    Pushing in the clips
  19. Reconnect the cable clip and the top of the strap.

    Installing the top of the strap

    The cable clip is not bidirectional. Be sure that it locks onto the headset.

    The cable clip must not be installed in a reverse way or it will not be able to hold a cable.

    Installing the cable clip
  20. Be sure the triangle points upward and that the cable clip is closed correctly.

    Lining up the cable clips
  21. Reinstall the face gasket. To prevent fingerprints on the lenses, wear gloves when you reinstall the face gasket.

    Installing the face gasket






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