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HP Designjet 50ps Printer - Adding Device Capability.cfg to HP Jobstream (Windows)

This document explains how to add device capability to virtual printers using the HP Designjet 50PS.

Adding Device Capability.cfg

  1. On the client, go to Start, Settings, and Printers.
  2. Select the HP Designjet 50PS, right-click the icon, and select Properties (see Figure 1).
    Figure : Getting Properties
  3. In the Properties screen, select the Print Options tab.
  4. Select Update to import a new configuration file (see Figure 2).
    Figure : Update
  5. To update this file, launch the Web User Interface (Web UI) of the HP Designjet 50PS server. Launch the Web UI by typing http:// (IP address of the server) : (8080) (see Figure 3).
  6. Click Export of Device Capabilities.
    Figure : Web UI
  7. At the file download screen, click OK (see Figure 4).
    Figure : File Download
  8. Save the downloaded file in a directory of your choice. The default is C:\windows\HPJobstr\. Click Save to continue (see Figure 5).
    Figure : Saving in the HPJobstr folder
  9. Once the download is complete, click Close (see Figure 6).
    Figure : Closing Download
  10. Select the printer’s Properties screen, then click the Print Options tab.
  11. Click Update (see Figure 7).
    Figure : Properties Update
  12. Select the device capabilities.cfg file from the default folder. The example shown below is when the file is saved in the HPJobstr folder (see Figure 8).
  13. Click Open.
    Figure : Selecting devicecapabilities.cfg
  14. Once the file has been imported, a date stamp will appear in the Configuration block.
  15. Select Enable Print Options by checking it.
    Figure : Enabling Print Options
  16. Click Setup to access and change settings. Changes here will override the settings of the virtual printer.
Figure : Print Options