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HP Notebook PCs - Battery does not power notebook or hold a charge

The removable battery of your HP notebook might not hold a charge due to a faulty power supply or AC adapter and might need to be replaced after testing all components.

If your notebook computer battery does not power the notebook or hold a charge, troubleshoot the battery to see if it needs to be replaced. If the battery indicator light, located near the power icon, does not glow or always blinks, there is a battery problem. Your computer might operate correctly when it is connected to the AC adapter, but not when using battery power.


To check if your battery is affected by the notebook computer battery recall and replacement program, go to HP Notebook Computer Battery Safety Recall and Replacement Program.


The maximum capacity of the battery decreases over time and with use. Loss of battery capacity varies depending on the product configuration and usage, including but not limited to: product model, applications running, power management settings, and product features. The battery warranty does not cover natural deterioration of battery capacity. Your battery is warranted from defects in materials or workmanship resulting in failure. When contacting HP Customer Support, you might be required to run an HP diagnostic test to determine if your battery is covered under the warranty.


If you notice that your notebook battery is swollen or deformed, go to HP Notebook PCs - Swelling or deformation of notebook battery for more information.