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HP PrinterOn Enterprise - What options are available in the configuration policy of PrinterOn for Citrix?

The following values can be configured within the configuration policy of the PrinterOn for Citrix application. These values will then be pushed to the user device by default. In most cases, these values cannot be changed by the end user, but there is also some control from the policy around what can be managed by the user.
Profile Setting
When enabled, the settings are saved to app. When unchecked, the saved settings are removed from app.
Service URL
The URL to be used by the application to communicate with the PrinterOn Server. This must be a fully qualified URL. For example:
Service Description
Optional. A description of the service being deployed and configured.
When enabled, the Service URL is set as the default service used by the application. In most cases, this option should be set to true.
When enabled, the Service URL is locked; the user cannot modify the configuration.
Restrict Usage
When enabled, the Service URL is set as the default and locked, and the app can only communicate with the specified service URL.
Users cannot query an external service (such as PrinterOn Public/Hosted) for printers.
Other Services
Defines one or more alternative PrinterOn services, if your organization has multiple PrinterOn services deployed. Each service listed must include the service URL and an optional service description. If included, the service description is preceded with :=. Multiple services are separated by two commas (,,).
For example: https://123.456.78.901/cps:=China office,,https://123.456.78.902/cps,,https://123.456.78.903/cps:=Test Environment
Administrator Info
Optional. A message sent to the device with the configuration.
This message appears when the configuration is applied to the application.
Show Documents
When enabled, the Documents button is displayed on the PrinterOn app Home screen, allowing users to access and print documents in local storage, or from cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and others.
By default, this option is set to false and the Documents button is not displayed.
Show Email
When enabled, the Email button appears on the PrinterOn app Home screen, allowing users to download and print email attachments from the app.
By default, this option is set to false and the Email button is not displayed.
Hide Web
When enabled, the Web button does not appear on the PrinterOn app Home screen, preventing users from using the app to print web content.
By default, this option is set to false and the Web button is displayed
Remote Release QR Scan Only
When enabled, the user must scan a printer’s QR code in order to release a print job to the printer. Clicking the Release button for a print job within the app automatically opens the app’s QR code scanner. All other methods of identifying a printer for release are disabled. If the user’s device does not have a camera, no Release button is displayed, and the user cannot release the print job to a printer.
By default, this option is disable
Document Cache Size
Defines the size of the document cache (in MB) used by the app to store print job data. The cache can be set to one of the following values:
  • 0 (print jobs are deleted as soon as they are uploaded)
  • 50
  • 100
  • 250
  • 500
If any other value is specified, the app rounds down to the nearest supported cache size.






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