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Samsung Multifunction Laser Printers - Set up and use Google Cloud Print app

Google Cloud Print is a service that allows you to print to a printer using a mobile phone, tablet, or any web-connected devices. To use the Google Cloud Print service, register your Google account with the printer. Make sure to use a Chrome operating system (OS), a Chrome browser, or a Gmail or a Google Docs application on your mobile device to print or email from your mobile device, so you don’t have to install a printer driver on the mobile device.
For more information about Google Cloud Print™, go to one of the following websites:
Before your begin, make sure to meet the following requirements:
  • Your printer is turned on and connected to a wired or wireless network that has access to the Internet.
  • You have a Google account created.
  • A Chrome browser installed.

Register your printer using Chrome

To register your printer from a Chrome browser, follow these steps:
  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Sign in to the Google website with your Gmail address.
  3. Type your printer’s IP address in the address field, and then press the Enter key or click Go.
  4. Click Login in the upper right corner of the SyncThru Web Service website.
  5. Type the ID and Password.
    Make sure to use the same login ID and Password in Machine Setup.
    For instructions, see Machine Setup, and then go to the Log-in section.
    If the network environment is using a proxy server, configure the proxy’s IP and port number from the following menu settings: Settings>Network Settings>Proxy.
    For more information, contact your network service provider or network administrator.
  6. In the SyncThru™ Web Service window, click the following menu settings:
    • Settings
    • Network Settings
    • Google Cloud Print
  7. Type your printer name and provide a description, and then click Register.
    A confirmation pop-up window displays on your computer.
    A confirmation window will not display, if your browser is set to block pop-ups. Make sure to allow the site to display pop-ups.
  8. Click Finish printer registration.
  9. Click Manage your printers.
    After completing these steps, your printer is registered with Google Cloud Print service and Google Cloud Print-ready devices will display in the list.

Print using Google Cloud Print

Depending on the application or the device you are using, the printing procedure varies. Make sure to see the application list that supports Google Cloud Print™ .
Select one of the following methods to print: