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Samsung Laser Printers - Connection Error While Connecting to the SMTP Server

A connection error displays when the printer has been configured in SyncThru and is unable to connect to the SMTP server.
Try the following to resolve a server connection error:
  1. Verify the server settings and make sure the SMTP server admin has not changed the address.
    Figure : Verify the server settings
  2. Ping the SMTP server address and make sure it is reachable from the printer's network.
    To ping the SMTP server do the following steps:
    • Click Start, and then select Run.
    • Type CMD to open the command prompt.
    • Type PING, and then type the name of the desired SMTP server address.
      Figure : Type the name of the desired SMTP server address
    • Click Enter and the results will be displayed.
      Figure : SMTP server address results are displayed
    • If the ping failed, go to step 3 (below).
  3. Run a print job to verify that the printer is still connected to the network.
If the printer is not connected to the network, go to for information and assistance with networking.
If the network is connected properly, and the right SMTP address is entered, contact the email service you are using if the connection error persists.