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HP PageWide Pro MFP 772, 777 - 15.51 jam error in the stapler/stacker

15.51 jam error in the stapler/stacker

Use the following procedure to clear a paper jam in the stapler/stacker. When a jam occurs, the control panel displays a message and an animation that assists in clearing the jam.
  • 15.51.yz
  1. Open the left door, by pulling up on the left latch.
    Figure : Open the left door
  2. Gently remove any visible paper from the rollers.
    Figure : Remove paper from the rollers
  3. Look up into the stacker for any jammed paper.
    Figure : Look for any jammed paper in the stacker
  4. Gently remove any jammed paper from the stacker.
    Figure : Gently remove jammed paper from the stacker
  5. Close the left door.
    Figure : Close the left door