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HP LaserJet Pro and Color LaserJet Pro Printer and MFP - Troubleshooting 49.XXXX Errors


49 errors may be displayed when the MFP (multi-function printer) or single function printer attempts to perform an action that the device firmware is not capable of and may not have been designed to handle.
  • 49 Error, Turn off then on


Probable causes of 49 errors include:
  • Printing or scanning files that include unsupported printer commands.
  • A unique combination of environment and interactions with the device.
In both of these scenarios, it's possible the printer will generate a 49 error after the printer’s firmware has tried initiating an action that it does not support. When this occurs, the only way to recover from the error is to turn the power OFF and back ON (the devices firmware is designed to do this automatically for you).
HP extensively tests MFP and printer firmware before release to ensure that the occurrence of 49 errors occur at a very low rate. HP ensures that the frequency of these errors is low enough that typical end users will rarely encounter one. In the rare circumstance where a 49 error does occur, the firmware will automatically reboot to reduce the impact to the user.


  1. Through the printer's control panel, disable Wireless printing (if equipped).
  2. Turn the printer off and unplug the network and/or USB cables.
  3. If you are using a surge protector, remove it. Plug the product directly into the wall socket.
  4. Turn the printer ON, does the printer return to the Ready state?
    1. If NO, your printer requires service, please contact HP Customer Support.
    2. If YES, print an internal page, such as the Configuration Report, to demonstrate printer functionality.
  5. Check the firmware version and update if a newer version is available at
  6. Attempt to isolate the 49 error to a specific connection type (Wireless, USB, LAN) or file:
    1. Start with only a USB connection and a simple test file from your PC to demonstrate printer functionality.
    2. Connect the printer to the network and send the same file.
    3. Continue troubleshooting below based on your findings.
In cases where it is believed a specific file is the cause of the 49 error, try:
  1. Use a different print driver. For example, if you are using the universal print driver (UPD), try printing the same file with the PCL 5 or PCL 6 driver.
  2. Change the file format when saving. For example, save the file as a PDF or other file format before printing.
  3. If the error occurs when scanning, try a different resolution or saving in a different file format.
In cases where the 49 error does not appear to be limited to one connection type or file:
  1. Your printer requires service, please contact HP Customer Support.
Visit HP Drivers & Downloads for print drivers and firmware downloads.