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HP Designjet 90/110/111/130 Series Printers - How to Block the Cover Sensor


For any printer user, for various troubleshooting needs, including scan axis issues (such as system error 86:01), or to observe the movement of the carriage or the service station, it is necessary to know how to block the sensors of the printer top cover and the ink cartridge access doors.
For safety reasons, make sure that users do not have anything inside the printer when the door sensors are blocked. The printer can move at any time if powered on with sensors blocked. If blocking sensors, do so with the printer powered off and with the power cord removed.


1. Open both of the top covers of the printer and locate the cover sensor slots, shown in red in the following pictures.
2. Take two small pieces of paper.
3. Fold the two pieces of paper into rectangular shape and insert them into the slots. To size the folded paper, note how there are tabs on the printer doors that are normally inserted when the doors are closed.
Remember to remove the pieces of paper to enable the normal operation of the cover sensors.