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    Win10 - USB Printing broke post Windows update

    USB connected printers don't print / not recognized. Fix Win10 USB Print issue

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HP CM8060/CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology - Problem-solving checklists

If the device is not responding correctly, complete the steps in the following checklists. If you discover a problem that you cannot resolve, contact an HP service and support person for help.

Problems with all jobs

  1. Make sure at least one status light on the control panel is lit. If no lights are lit, complete these steps:
    1. Press the on/off button on the control panel.
    2. Check the master power switch at the right-rear corner of the device. Make sure it is in the on position.
    3. Check the power cable to see if it is securely connected at both ends.
    4. Check the power source by plugging the device directly into the wall or into a different outlet.
  2. If the device is receiving power but is not responding, check the cabling. Make sure the network cable is secure.
  3. Check the status line on the control panel for messages. See Control-panel messages.

Problems with copy and scan jobs

  1. For copy jobs, make sure that paper is loaded in the tray you are trying to use.
  2. If you are trying to use the document feeder, try scanning from the glass. If the job is successful, the problem is with the document feeder. Contact HP.
  3. If you cannot scan with the document feeder or from the glass, the problem is with the scanner mechanism. Contact HP.

Problems with print jobs

  1. Make sure that paper is loaded in the tray you are trying to use.
  2. Print a configuration page. From the Home screen, touch Administration. Touch Information, and then touch Configuration Page.
    1. If the configuration page does not print, make sure paper is loaded in the tray. Also check the control panel to see if the page has jammed inside the device. See Clear jams.
      If the tray has paper and the page did not jam, the problem is with the device hardware.
    2. If the configuration page prints, the device hardware is printing correctly. The problem is with the computer, the printer driver, the network, or with the software program. Continue with the next step.
  3. At the computer, check to see if the print queue is stopped, paused, or set to print offline.
    • Windows: Click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers or Printers and Faxes. Double-click HP CM8060 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology.
    • Macintosh: Open Print Center, Print Setup Utility, or Print & Fax under System Preferences, and double-click the line for the HP CM8060 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology.
  4. Try printing a document from a different software program. If the document prints, the problem is with the software program that you are using.
  5. Try sending a print job from a different computer. If the document prints, the problem is with the computer you are using.
  6. If you cannot identify the source of the problem, contact HP.






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