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HP Designjet 100 and 120 Printer Series - Product Limitations

Vertical banding

Vertical banding is sometimes a problem when using HP Coated Paper. It is visible on gray areas printed on true black and on areas with light combinations of cyan and magenta printed on color.
This vertical banding is the result of printhead-to-paper spacing variations caused by cockle.
To avoid vertical banding, try the following solutions:
  • Use the new HP Coated Paper (available in C+ and D+ size) or HP Heavyweight Coated Paper (available in A/A4, B/A3).
  • Use color modes to print black areas instead of true black.

Horizontal banding at the top of the page

Horizontal banding can appear when either HP Coated Paper is used or plain paper is used, and Normal mode is selected. Banding will appear at the top of the page (top 10cm). The print will not show banding on the rest of the page.
This problem occurs because the starwheels are not dragging the paper completely and the paper advance is not properly optimized.
To avoid horizontal banding, use Best mode.

Black transitions on coated paper

When the selected paper type is Coated paper, areas of gray that are very close to black are not printed accurately. They do not look as black as they should.
To avoid this problem, change the paper type to Heavyweight coated paper (the color maps are not exactly the same, but they are very similar).

Starwheel marks on glossy

Starwheel marks might be visible on the coating of HP Premium Photo Glossy, depending on the color and amount of ink used.
To avoid this problem, use this paper only to achieve 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution. If the paper size is A3 or B, HP Proofing Gloss B+ is recommended.

Stacking of A3/B-size prints

A3/B-size prints fall off of the output tray in the following situations:
  • After 30 pages (20% of cases).
  • After 5 pages if the prints have a low ink density.
  • After 1 page if the prints are printed on HP Proofing Gloss and have a high ink density.
Avoid stacking A3/B/B+-size prints in the output tray.

No output for complex application files

When sending a job to print, out-of-memory errors occur in the software application, or there is no output, in the following situations:
  • The page size is A3/B or bigger
  • The computer OS is Windows 95, 98, or ME.
  • The application file is complex, and applications such as FreeHand or QuarkXPress are being used.
To resolve this problem, try using the hidden feature Enable RenderSmart.

Color maps for vivid color

Vivid color does not increase saturation in the following situation:
Optimize for text and images is selected and the paper type is not Glossy paper, Coated paper, or Heavyweight coated paper.

Color maps for no color correction

The setting no color correction produces the same results as the setting match screen.






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