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HP Designjet 200, 300, and 700 Series Printers - New Part Numbers for Stand Assembly Components

A single component of the stand assembly needs to be replaced for any of the HP Designjet 200, 300, or 700 series printers.
The new components are not compatible with the old components. Old components were discontinued as of 01-June-1998. Multiple components must be replaced in order to replace one component.
When ordering any leg components for the above products, refer to the following structure:
  • When replacing the old Foot Caster Assembly (C3192-60003), the new Foot Caster Assembly (C4696-60006) must be ordered instead in Qty 2 and the Leg Assembly (C4696-60007) in Qty 2.
  • When replacing the old Leg Assembly (C3192-60002), the new Leg Assembly (C4696-60007) must be ordered instead in Qty 2 and the new Foot Caster Assembly (C4696-60006) in Qty 2.
  • For HP Designjet 230 and 250c and Designjet 3XX Series Printers, when replacing the C3192-60002 or the C3192-60003, the Bin Assembly C4705-60097 for D Size units and C4706-60097 for E Size Units must be ordered.
To order the above parts or to get current prices, call HP direct at 1-800-227-8164.