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HP Desktop PCs and Workstations - Export trade support information

You can find export trade support information by using the Part Classification Lookup tool or by emailing the Trade support help desk.

The HP Trade Support help desk provides the following information for HP products:

  • Export Commodity Classification Number (ECCN)

  • Harmonised Tariff Schedule (HTS)

  • Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS)


If you are looking for this information about an HP product, you can use the Part Classification Lookup tool. HP recommends that you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari to use the Part Classification Lookup tool.

If your product is not classified, you can contact the Trade Support help desk at In most cases, you need to provide the part number. You can find the part number for your product on the service tag located on your product.

Identifying service labels

Manufacturer's Statement of Origin or Country of Origin requests

If you have a Country of Origin or Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin request, the HP invoices and HP delivery notes include information about the country of origin for each product. In most cases, these documents are sufficient. If you need to access the Country of Origin statement and Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, reach out to your HP contact and ask them to contact the Global Trade Regional Controls team.


Sustainability information for HP products includes the following information:

  • Ecolabels

  • Compliance with Environmental legislation

  • Supply Chain SER (includes conflict minerals; human rights, and so on.)

  • Product-specific environmental features, material use, packaging, recyclability, and so on.

  • China Energy Certificate (CECP/SEPA)

For questions about sustainability, contact

Technical regulations

Technical regulations for HP products include the following information:

  • EU Declarations of Conformity

  • GS Certificate

  • Product electrical Safety

  • EMC

  • CCC

  • Ergonomics

  • BIS Certificates

For questions about technical regulations, contact

Find the statement of volatility

To find the statement of volatility for your HP computer, see the Maintenance and Service Guide on the HP Support website.

  1. Go to the HP support site at

  2. Search for your computer by entering the serial number, product number, or product name, or click Or, let HP detect your product to have your computer model detected automatically.

  3. Click Manuals, and then click Maintenance and Service Guide from the list of manuals.


If you see a link listed as Notice: HP Workstations - Statement of Volatility, this is not the actual statement of volatility. It is only a notice that the statements are available.