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HP printer setup (Wi-Fi network)

Connect an HP printer to a local Wi-Fi network to wirelessly print from a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Wi-Fi printer setup

If you are using a guest network, such as those found in many hotels or college campuses, connecting a device to your printer might not be possible over the network. Instead, use a Wi-Fi Direct connection to print.

Restore Wi-Fi setup mode on the printer

Many HP printers have a Wi-Fi setup mode that helps the HP software connect your printer to a network. Restore Wi-Fi setup mode if the printer is not found during software setup or when the wireless connection is lost.

Example of restoring Wi-Fi setup mode from a touchscreen (left) and with button presses (right)

Example of restoring Wi-Fi setup mode on touchscreens and with button presses
  • Most printers with a touchscreen display or menu: Open the Wireless or Setup menu, select Network setup or Settings, and then select Restore Network Settings.

  • Most printers without a touchscreen display or menu: Go to Restore Wi-Fi setup mode on your HP printer for steps using the buttons on your printer.

Install the HP Smart app

Use the HP Smart app to set up the printer on the Wi-Fi network and with your computer or mobile device.

HP Smart app
  1. Open the HP Smart app, and then create an account or sign in. If you do not have the app, download it from or your app store.

  2. Within two hours of restoring Wi-Fi setup mode, follow the guided steps in the HP Smart app to add the printer and set up the wireless connection.

For more information, go to HP printer setup (HP Smart app).

Additional Wi-Fi connection options

Use these methods to connect a printer if you changed your router or ISP, or a local network is unavailable.