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Samsung Printers - Samsung Printer Diagnostics Installation and Functions

This document explains what the Samsung Printer Diagnostics application is, how to install it, and what it does.

Samsung Printer Diagnostics

Samsung Printer Diagnostics (SPD) is an application that monitors the printer’s status and guides users through troubleshooting solutions. It is also capable of upgrading software, and it features user-friendly settings for wireless printing.
When a user runs SPD, SPD checks the server for the latest version and updates the printer automatically. A computer with the SPD application can connect with your printer through a network, USB cable, or wirelessly.
Figure : SPD works with an RDS server and printers (A3/A4)

Installing Samsung Printer Diagnostics

Use the instructions to install SPD.
  1. When you install the print driver with the Installation CD included in the product packages, the SPD will be installed on your computer. Or, you can download it from the link below.
    Figure : Installation CD
  2. Install the printer driver and software.
    Figure : Example printer driver and software screen
  3. Click Start, Programs, Samsung Printers, then Samsung Printer Diagnostics.
    Figure : Samsung Printers menu

Samsung Printer Diagnostics functions

The table lists the various functions SPD performs.
Diagnose the printer
Checks the printer, finds any issues with the printing system, and resolves the issues if you have trouble printing a document.
Install the software
Updates your printer software with the latest version.
Setup wireless printing
Specifies the printer wireless network settings using a USB cable.
Advanced Options
Update firmware
Updates your printer with the latest firmware.
View toner usage history
Checks the toner usage history for your printer.
Check the toner compatibility (only Korean OS)
Checks for a toner compatibility issue if the toner is not recognized.
Diagnose Printer Network
Diagnoses network settings for printers, wired and wireless network connections, cloud printing, or server connections.
Diagnose Fax
Diagnoses the fax connection and communication errors.
Remote Support (Korean OS only)
Allows clients to remotely connect to your PC and assist you with troubleshooting.