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Samsung Laser Printers - Duplex Jam

Jam in the duplex unit area

To remove the jammed paper, follow these steps:
  1. Power off the printer.
  2. Open the rear cover and gently remove any paper.
    Figure : Rear cover
  3. Remove the paper tray.
    Figure : Paper tray
  4. Open the duplex cover by pressing the two tabs.
    Figure : Duplex cover
  5. Gently remove the jammed paper.
    Figure : Remove paper
  6. Close the duplex cover.
    Figure : Duplex cover
  7. Close the rear cover to resume printing.
    Figure : Rear cover
If the printer still displays an error after turning on the printer, unplug the printer, then repeat the previous steps. Make sure all paper has been removed and all the cover doors are fully closed before turning on the printer. If the error still shows after repeating the previous steps, then go to for further assistance.