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HP Notebook PCs - Identifying Genuine HP Adapters and Batteries

This document applies to HP Notebook PCs.
HP has implemented security solutions that are designed to help HP customers identify and purchase genuine HP products.
One such solution is the HP Security Label which is included on, or in, the product boxes for genuine HP products.
Figure : HP Security Label
HP Security Label

Identifying genuine HP parts

To identify genuine HP adapters and batteries, use the following instructions:
  1. Check the blue hologram copy to confirm that:
    • OK and the check mark () move in opposite directions when titling the box top to bottom.
    • OK and the check mark ( ) move in the same direction when tilting the box left to right.
    Figure : The blue hologram
    The blue hologram to check the movement of the check and the OK as it is tilted
  2. Locate the HP Security Label and open your QR code scanner app. The app is available on the App Store or Google Play.
    Figure : QR code
    QR code on the security label
  3. Use your smartphone's camera to scan the QR code on the HP Security Label.
  4. After your scanner processes the QR code, verify that the same serial number appears on your screen. Serial numbers that do not match are very likely to be counterfeit.
    Figure : Serial number from the QR code
    Serial number on the screen

Identifying counterfeit batteries

Batteries that are not authentic, genuine HP batteries might cause safety and quality issues. HP recommends using only genuine HP batteries. A counterfeit battery is not easy to identify, but there are some details on the battery itself and the packaging that help you to recognize a counterfeit battery. Counterfeit batteries might be found in reputable stores, as well as online and in less reputable stores. Check the following details to ensure you are purchasing a genuine HP battery:
  • Price
    When purchasing a battery, be aware of HP's suggested price. If a battery is sold by HP for $75 or more and you find someone selling one that looks like an HP product for $20 or $30 dollars, you might expect that they are dealing in counterfeit batteries.
  • Packaging
    HP batteries come in official HP packaging. If purchasing your battery online and it is in a plain, generic wrapper, or packaged only in bubble wrap, you might have a counterfeit.
    Figure : Counterfeit packaging
    Counterfeit packaging
    Figure : Genuine HP packaging
    Genuine HP packaging
  • Component tracking number
    The battery has a label with a component tracking number. Genuine HP batteries start with a 6.
    Figure : Counterfeit - Does not start with 6
    Counterfeit - Does not start with 6
    Figure : Genuine - starts with 6
    Genuine - starts with 6
  • Misspelled words on the labels
    Check for misspelled words on the labels. Some examples of misspellings follow:
    Figure : RATING misspelled - PATING
    RATING misspelled - PATING
    Figure : Address misspelled - Addres
    Address misspelled - Addres
    Figure : burns misspelled - looks like bums
    burns  misspelled - looks like bums






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