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HP Printers - 'Invalid Passphrase' Error when Using a Wi-Fi Gateway with PMF

This document is for wireless HP printers connecting to Wi-Fi routers/gateways that use Protected Management Frames (PMF).
When attempting to connect the printer to your wireless network, an Invalid Passphrase error displays. The error displays after entering the WPA or WPA2 wireless security passphrase for your printer. If the error displays when a correct passphrase is entered, then the printer firmware might not be compatible with the PMF technology and a firmware updated is needed.

Step 1: Make sure the passphrase was entered correctly

Re-enter the passphrase. The passphrase must be entered exactly as required by your router or gateway, including any spaces, capital and lower case letters, and special characters.
You can use another Wi-Fi device, such as a phone or tablet, to connect to your router/gateway and make sure that all of passphrase characters are correct. If the passphrase does not work on another Wi-Fi device, then the passphrase is not correct and does not work. For more information on how you can retrieve your wireless passphrase, see Find Your Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 Password (Windows) or consult your Internet Service Provider.
If the “Invalid Passphrase” error continues to occur after entering the correct passphrase, then the problem may be related to the PMF feature. A printer firmware update might resolve the problem.

Step 2: Update the firmware

Update the printer firmware from the printer control panel or from the HP website.

Step 3: Contact support

If a firmware update is not available or updating the firmware does not resolve the error, contact HP support for further options.