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HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC/Wireless Direct Accessory - Troubleshoot the HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory

Use the troubleshooting information to help resolve issues.
To determine whether HP NFC and HP wireless direct printing are enabled on your printer, print a configuration page from your printer’s control panel. If a page titled Wireless is included, HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory printing is enabled on your printer.

Number of HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory clients

The current technology limits the number of actively connected wireless clients to five. Use the following to determine whether this limit is reached:
  • View the wireless icon from the printer's control panel. If the icon is red in color (instead of the normal blue), the limit is reached.
  • View the connections listed on the printer's configuration page. The current wireless connection for each device is listed by MAC Address and IP Address.
  • View the event log messages.

Display the mobile device's MAC address

Use the following information to display the device's MAC address.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Touch General, and then touch About.
  3. Scroll down to the Wi-Fi Address.

Android (phone or tablet)

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Touch About phone or About tablet, depending on which is used.
  3. For the Android phone, touch hardware information. For the Android tablet, touch status.

Disconnect from a wireless connection

Use the following information to disconnect from a wireless connection.


  1. Touch Settings, and then touch Wi-Fi.
  2. Select the greater than symbol (>) adjacent to the network you wish to disconnect from.
  3. Touch Forget this Network.
  4. Touch Forget to confirm.
For additional information about Apple iOS products and usage, see: www.apple.com/support/.
When connecting an Apple iOS device, such as an iPhone® or iPad®, that uses iOS 5+ to the HP wireless direct printer, the connection status icon does not stop spinning. This is normal and indicates that the HP wireless direct connection does not provide Internet access. Since HP wireless direct is only a connection between the mobile device and the printer, the mobile device cannot access the Internet through the printer.


The actual steps differ slightly depending on the Android OS version.
  1. Turn on Wi-Fi if required.
  2. Touch the Settings icon.
  3. Touch the Wireless & networks (Wi-Fi) icon. (On some Android OS versions, touch the Wi-Fi Settings icon.)
  4. From the Wireless & networks (Wi-Fi) or the Wi-Fi Settings screen, touch the network name.
  5. Touch Forget in the dialog that is displayed.
An Android device will not disconnect from (forget) a wireless network that is within range.
For additional information about Google Android OS products and usage, go to: www.support.google.com/android.


For information about disconnecting from a wireless connection (HP wireless direct-enabled printer), search for this topic at: http://discussions.nokia.com.

Windows 8

The HP ePrint software used on Windows 8 disconnects automatically from the wireless network at the conclusion of the print job.

Mac OS X

The wireless connection to the printer automatically disconnects approximately one minute after the print job completes.
To reestablish the HP wireless direct connection, select the SSID name from the list of available wireless connections:
  1. From the Wireless Menu bar icon, select Another Wireless Network.
  2. From the Printers Detected screen, select the printer's SSID.
    The HP wireless direct printer name is in the format HP-Print-XY-Printer_Model LaserJet. The XY represents the last two characters of the HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory hardware or media access control (MAC) address.


Unable to print or communication errors.
The mobile device and the printer are not on the same network. For example, the mobile device is connected to the Internet using an existing wireless network (WLAN). The HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory is not capable of joining the WLAN.
Typical errors include communication error, wireless adapter in use, or connection busy. For example, the HP ePrint Software might report Communication with the printer failed, which can be caused when:
  • The mobile device and the printer are not on the same network
  • The mobile device's wireless connection is busy
  • HP Connected data is unavailable
Disconnect the mobile device from the WLAN and connect it to the printer’s SSID (HP wireless direct network).
Blocking access to the WLAN/Internet limits data loss during downloading or when printing.
The printer control panel displays the following error: USB ERROR - Invalid USB device is attached. Please remove it.
The printer firmware might require updating.
If the HP printer is supported, update the printer firmware.
To use the HP Jetdirect 2800w with certain HP printers/MFPs, you must set the HP FutureSmart level to 3 using the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS). For information about setting the HP FutureSmart level, see: Supported printers for HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory.
Wireless network (WLAN) printing stops working after the HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory is installed.
Both the HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory and the HP Jetdirect 2700w USB Wireless Print Server are installed on the same printer.
HP does not support the installation of both devices on the same printer. (The HP Jetdirect 2800w NFC & Wireless Direct Accessory takes precedence.)
Print jobs are excessively slow or signal strength is poor.
Metallic objects or radio signals are causing interference.
The mobile device is too far from the printer.
Reorient the printer.
Reduce or remove sources of interference. Metallic objects can absorb or attenuate radio signals, and devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones operate using similar radio frequencies.
Reduce the distance between the printer and the mobile device.

Frequently asked questions

What is the wireless range of HP wireless direct?
It is similar to other wireless devices. It might have a slightly weaker signal than the normal access point (such as a router).
What frequency is HP wireless direct using?
2.4 GHz.
What happens when you connect a 6th device? Is there an error message?
Because the printer does not know whether another device is trying to connect, it is up to the mobile device to provide a message. Look for a message similar to: Cannot connect with Wireless device.
Can the printer have a computer connected using the USB, a wired network (LAN), and devices connected using HP wireless direct at the same time without any detrimental side effects?
In general, yes. When the LAN connection is used though, HP wireless direct loses some protocol support. For example, it can affect the Windows 8 HP ePrint Software when attempting to automatically discover the printer on an HP wireless direct connection. If this occurs, simply enter the wireless direct IP address. It will not affect mobile devices or Mac devices as they use a different discovery mechanism.
HP NFC is a facilitator not a transport method. It establishes the connection and the print job, and then uses wireless direct printing or another protocol to send the job. When you tap Print, the following information is provided to the driver:
  • IP address
  • Wireless direct information (SSID) and the password
  • Cloud e-mail address
    This needs to be white-listed on the HP ePrint Center/HP Connected first.
HP ePrint information:
  • If an HP wireless direct connection is available, the HP ePrint Software displays a Sending print job notification and the job prints.
  • If no HP wireless direct connections are available, the HP ePrint Software displays a notification with instructions on enabling HP wireless direct.
  • If the device needs to disconnect from another network in order to print, the HP ePrint Software displays a notification instructing you to break the current connection.

For more information

For more information about HP wireless direct, go to: Wireless Printing Center - HP wireless direct.
For additional information about HP ePrint Software including frequently asked questions, go to: www.hp.com/go/eprintsoftware. Click Documentation to download the user guide.
For additional setup, configuration, and troubleshooting information, go to www.hp.com/go/jd2800wSupport or scan the QR code with your mobile device.






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