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HP Designjet 1000 Series Printers - Printhead Rejection Issues


This document does not apply to REPLACE messages.
The printer's carriage does not accept one or more of the printheads. Typical causes are dirty electrical contacts on the printheads or carriage, or the printhead(s) themselves. Use the information below to determine the cause of the failure and perform the necessary troubleshooting steps to resolve.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. Allow printer to complete initialization.
  3. With the ink droplets icon highlighted, press Enter.
  4. Select Replace Printheads and press Enter.
  5. If the message Printheads still functional appears, scroll to Yes (Replace) and press Enter.
  6. Open the top cover.
  7. Turn the printer off.
  8. Clean the electrical contacts on the carriage and the printheads using the steps provided below.
  9. When the contacts are dry, reinstall the printheads and close the carriage cover.
  10. Close the top cover.
  11. Turn the printer on.
  12. If the error returns, replace the affected printhead(s).
    If the Printhead error icon is a question mark, each Printhead will have to be tested separately as the printer is not sure which one is causing the problem.
  13. Following replacement of the suspect printhead(s), attempt to verify functionality.
  14. If the problem persists, contact HP.

Cleaning the carriage and printhead contacts

It is recommended that a cleaning kit (HP part number C6071-60153) be used to clean the printhead and carriage contacts. The cleaning kit contains the following:
  • The Carriage Interconnect Wiper
  • A flyer with User Information
  • 15-20 Replacement sponges
The cleaning kit can be ordered by calling HP Parts store at (800) 227-8164, or by clicking here to access HP Parts store at http://www.hp.com/buy/parts. Order HP part number C6071-60153.
If a cleaning kit is not available, use a lint-free cloth (i.e. an old T-shirt) lightly dampened with water to perform the cleaning steps outlined below.

Preparing the carriage interconnect wiper for use

  1. Remove the carriage interconnect wiper and one of the replacement sponges from the package.
    Figure : Replacement sponge
  2. Place the small tip of the replacement sponge in the slot at the top of the carriage interconnect wiper.
    Figure : Correct placement of replacement sponge
  3. Close the carriage interconnect wiper.
    Figure : Closing the carriage interconnect wiper
  4. The carriage interconnect wiper should look the same as the figure below.
    Figure : Proper placement of sponge in carriage interconnect wiper
    Make sure to use a clean sponge in the carriage interconnect wiper. If the sponge becomes soiled, replace it as shown in Steps 1 through 4.

Cleaning the carriage and print cartridges

  1. Remove the printhead from the carrier as shown in the figures below:
    Figure : Releasing the locking mechanism
    Figure : Firmly grasping the locking pin
    Figure : Removing the printhead
  2. Place the carriage interconnect wiper inside the carriage with the sponge facing toward the contacts and wipe in an up and down motion as shown in the figure directly below, then tilt the wiper and wipe as shown in the second figure below.
    Figure : Correct placement and wiping direction of carriage interconnect wiper
    Figure : Tilting the carriage interconnect wiper and continue cleaning
  3. Wipe the contacts on the back of the printhead as shown below, do not wipe the bottom of the printhead.
    Figure : Wiping the contacts on the printhead
  4. Replace the printhead in the Designjet printer.
    Figure : Replacing the printhead
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for all four printheads.
  6. Check the printed output. If the print quality has not improved significantly, it may be necessary to clean the printheads and contacts again.

Contact HP?

If the issue is unresolved, click here to contact HP support (http://thenew.hp.com/country/us/eng/contact_us.html) and provide them with the following information:
  • Document number bpp03897 used for troubleshooting and a brief problem description to assist HP support in resolving the issue
  • After completing the troubleshooting steps listed above, does the printer still exhibit the same issue?
  • Are original non-refilled HP ink supplies being used?






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