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HP Designjet 10ps and 20ps Printers - Firmware Version A.01.06


A new version of firmware (A.01.06) is available on the Web for the HP Designjet 10ps and 20ps printers.
Corrections included in version A.01.06:
  • Communication problems when printing through the parallel port
  • A bug in the Service ID value updater
  1. Click TechnicalSupport.
  2. Choose the product (10ps or 20ps).
  3. Click System maintenance.
  4. Click SystemSoftware for HP Designjet a3 plus graphics series under the appropriate Mac or Windows OS.
  5. Click Download Now.
  6. Select Savethis program to disk.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Select a folder to save in. Example: My Documents.

Upgrade the firmware

  1. Click here to download the HP Designjet system maintenance tool from Designjet Online at
  2. Select Skip Registration to go directly to the system maintenance download.
  3. Download and Install the tool.
  4. Choose the Help/Maintenance menu option in the HP Designjet 10/20ps software RIP.
  5. Click Maintenance Functions to get the menu.
  6. Select Download Firmware. The HP Designjet system maintenance tool checks the firmware version of the printer and downloads the upgrade, if necessary. The firmware version is not checked when using Windows NT.