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HP Laser MFP 130, 170 series - Scanner or printer not detected via USB in Windows 11

Learn about a USB connection problem in Windows 11.


When a customer installs a driver through a USB connection in a Windows 11 environment, there is an issue in which the device is not detected (no issues occur with a network connection). This issue only occurs in the newly released (November 2021) Windows 11 environment, and there is no issue in Windows 10.

Windows 11 error message


Windows 11 has a new interface between Windows and the Device (Printer or Scanner) which causes the issue.


If call agents or engineers see this “Device not detected” issue via USB in Windows 11, perform the following steps (not applicable to Windows 10 or other Windows OS).

  1. Update Windows to the latest Windows 11 version (anything higher than OS Build 22000.978).

  2. Update the device using the latest Drivers and Firmware from HP.

    HP Laser MFP 130 series: (use firmware higher than V3.82.01.19)

    HP Color Laser MFP 170 series: (user firmware higher than V3.82.01.16)

Affected Printers

  • HP Laser MFP 130 Printer series (5UE15A, 4ZB82A, 4ZB83A, 4ZB84A, 4ZB85A, 4ZB86A, 4ZB87A, 4ZB88A, 4ZB89A, 4ZB90A, 4ZB91A, 4ZB92A, 4ZB93A, 6HU10A, 6HU11A, 6HU12A)

  • HP Color Laser 170 MFP series (4ZB96A, 4ZB97A, 6HU08, 6HU09)

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