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HP ScanJet Pro 2000 s1/s2 Sheet-feed Scanner - Unable to detect misfeeds and scan all pages


When scanning pages using an HP Scan software on an HP ScanJet Pro 2000 s1/s2 Sheet-feed scanner, the scanner does not scan all the pages and will include the following symptoms:
  • The scanner picks multiple sheets of paper at one time and continues scanning.
  • The HP Scan software does not display any misfeed error message.
This issue might also occur when using any third-party scanning software, for example, Readiris Pro software.


HP recommends to follow the guidelines in the “Document loading tips” and “Supported paper sizes and types” sections in the User Guide when loading pages using the scanner.
To resolve issues related to multipick errors, follow these steps using the scanner’s input tray:
  1. Smooth any leading edge of a page that is curled or folded and make sure that the pages do not stick together.
  2. Open the document input and output trays of the scanner, and then extend the tray extensions.
  3. Align the edges of the pages, and then gently place the pages that are of the same dimensions into the input tray.
    When loading small documents, like checks, make sure that the longest edge is parallel to the paper width guides.
  4. Adjust the paper guides on the input tray to the width of the pages.
    Make sure not to push the paper guides so tightly as this might restrict paper feeding.
    Figur : Adjust guides on the input tray
  5. Press the Scan () button.

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