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HP Officejet 5500 Series - Replacing the Inkjet Print Cartridges

Checking the ink levels

A message will appear on the front panel display when the ink level for the print cartridge is low. The ink levels can also be checked through the HP Director on the computer.

Checking the ink levels on a Windows computer

  1. From the HP Director, click Settings, click Print Settings, and then click Printer Toolbox.
  2. Click the Estimated Ink Levels tab.
    The estimated ink levels appear for the print cartridges.

Checking the ink levels on a Macintosh computer

  1. From the HP Director, click Settings, click Maintain Printer.
  2. If the Select Printer dialog box opens, select the HP Officejet, and then click Utilities.
  3. From the list, select Ink Level.
    The estimated ink levels appear for the print cartridges.

Replacing the print cartridges

  1. Turn on the HP Officejet, and lift open the print-carriage access door.
    The print carriage will move into the access area.
    Рис. : Opening the print-carriage access door
  2. After the carriage stops moving, push down on the top of the print cartridge to release it, and then pull it toward you out of the slot.
    Рис. : Removing the print cartridge
    It is normal to see ink buildup in the print cartridge slots.
  3. Remove the new print cartridge from the packaging and gently remove the plastic tape by using the pink pull tab.
    Do not touch the copper contacts or ink nozzles. Install the cartridge immediately upon removing the tape to prevent ink from drying in the nozzles.
    Рис. : Removing the plastic tape
  4. Push the new print cartridge into the appropriate slot at a slight angle, until it clicks into place.
    Do not attempt to push the cartridge straight into the slot. It must slide in at a slight angle.
    Рис. : Inserting the print cartridge
  5. Close the print-carriage access door.

Aligning the print cartridges

The HP Officejet will prompt you to align the print cartridges every time you install a new print cartridge to assure high-quality output.
  1. When the message displays, press OK.
    The HP Officejet will print an alignment page.
  2. Place the alignment page face down on the left front corner of the glass with the top of the page facing the left side.
  3. Press OK.
    The HP Officejet will align the print cartridges and display Alignment Complete.

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