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Poly Service Reactivation Policy


The Service Reactivation policy defines Poly’s process to activate support (which may, as applicable consist of a) hardware replacement; b) access to major releases, patches and hotfixes for current software updates and upgrades, and (c) access to technical support (“Support”)) on Poly solutions that have either lapsed or which have never been covered under an applicable Poly Support contract (“Lapsed”). Please see the appropriate service offering Service Description for specific Support service offering deliverables available from your local authorized partner.

Service Reactivation policy:

Customers whose Support has Lapsed will need to activate or re-activate a Support contract in order to obtain Support (if product no longer under a valid warranty). Customers seeking to reinstate Support which has Lapsed will be subject to reactivation fees applicable at the time of reactivation and, where reactivation fees are not available, Support will be backdated to the purchase date or the last applicable Support contract expiry date. Such Products may also require inspection and Software relicensing prior to Support reactivation.

This policy applies to sales of Support on all Video or Infrastructure Products—whether renewed or new, Poly branded or partner branded—through Poly’s Authorized Partner Network. This policy applies to all regions of operation. Unauthorized Products may be covered at Poly’s sole discretion and may be subjected to inspection and relicensing. Further information may be found:

Service Reactivation Requirements

  • Support purchased more than ninety (90) days after Product purchase is subject to reactivation under this Policy. Product purchase date will be the date sold by distribution as reported on their POS report or a proof of purchase provided by the customer, whichever is the later.

  • Support contracts which have expired must be backdated to expiry date or are subject to reactivation.

  • A service reactivation fee, if available, or backdating fees will be applied in order to purchase or renew Support contracts. The service reactivation fee is a non-refundable fee and does not apply to the purchase of any Support contract. The appropriate Support part code must be ordered with the service reactivation fee part code or used to backdate services.

  • If there is no Service reactivation fee available then backdating fees will apply.

  • A minimum of one-year of Support must be purchased

  • Support will not be reactivated for products which are past their End of Service Life. Product Support status may be checked via the Poly Support portal:

  • All support contracts are subject to Poly Service Terms and Conditions for End User Customers which may be found at the following link:

For further questions please contact your Distributor or regional partner.