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HP Thin Clients - TurboSoft Emulation software support

TurboSoft provides TTWin (Windows) and TTerm (Linux) Terminal Emulation software support for HP Thin Clients. The software package has over 80 emulations available in a single environment to enhance the value and function of your applications.

Operating system support for TurboSoft Emulation software

The following operating systems are supported by TurboSoft:

  • HP ThinPro 7.2

  • HP ThinPro 7.1

  • HP ThinPro 7.0

  • Win10 loT RS5

  • Win10 loT RS1

Install TurboSoft TTWin or TTerm

Use your HP Thin Client to download and install TTWin or TTerm, depending on your operating system.

  1. On the HP Thin Client, search for and open HP ThinUpdate.

  2. Click Download add-ons to local storage or a USB drive.

  3. Select your OS > Platform.

  4. Choose a location to save the file.

  5. Select the box next to TTWin or TTerm, and then click Download.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Additional information about TurboSoft Emulation software

For additional information about TurboSoft Emulation software, use the links provided.

For additional information about TurboSoft's Terminal Emulation software, go to TTWin (in English) or TTerm for Linux (in English).

For additional information about the TurboSoft Emulation add-on for HP ThinPro, see the HP ThinPro Admin Guide (in English).

For issues with using TurboSoft TTerm for Linux on HP ThinPro OS, go to HP Customer Support - Contact.