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HP Latex 3000 Printer Series - New FW, IPS and Print Care Update Package available - MR4 (Public)

HP Latex 3000 firmware version HPLatex3000_6_01_01.3, IPS version 2014.3.06.2 and PrintCare_1200L_Maintenance_Update are all available for download.
The firmware includes new features and fixes for issues in previous versions.
This document introduces the new firmware and its related changes.
IMPORTANT: HP strongly recommends that all printers are upgraded to the new firmware and IPS as soon as possible. New printers may need to be upgraded during installation.
This new release fixes important issues and incorporates improvements in printer functionality (including some based on feedback from the field) that will prevent future issues and increase stability.
Remember that this upgrade is user installable, so please contact customers to advise them about this new release.
New release available at www.hp.com/go/Latex3000/downloads:
  • FW: HPLatex3000_6_01_01.3
  • IPS: 2014.3.06.2
  • PrintCare_1200L_Maintenance_Update
IMPORTANT: Ensure that the printer is connected and able to synchronize so that Print Care can get proactive update warnings from the HP servers whenever a bug has been fixed or a new version is available.
This is Maintenance Release 4 (MR4). It should be installed in all new and existing printers following the instructions below.
The three components (FW, IPS and PrC) must be installed together. No other combination is supported.
Installation order:
  1. FW
  2. IPS
  3. Print Care (IPS needs to be closed when upgrading PrC)
1. How to update the FW
In the IPS application, select Firmware update from the Tools menu. Browse to select the downloaded file, and click Update. Firmware installation takes about 20-30 minutes.
2. How to update the IPS
IMPORTANT: Remove the previous version of the HP Internal Print Server from the printer's built-in computer before installing the new version.
  • Remove the current version of the HP Internal Print Server via the MS Windows control panel. Select Uninstall HP Internal Print Server Application (this deletes any jobs currently in the queue, but not ripped files).
  • Download the file onto the IPS PC hard disk (recommended in a dedicated folder, not on the desktop).
  • Unzip/extract the HPIPS.msi and Setup.exe files.
  • Run the Setup.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions until the new software is installed.
3. How to update Print Care
IMPORTANT: The previous Print Care version must be If not, please upgrade to this version before updating to the newest Update or it won’t work correctly.
  • Close the IPS application before proceeding with Print Care upgrade.
  • Download the file PrintCare_1200L_Maintenance_Update to the computer’s hard disk.
  • Run the file PrintCare_1200L_Maintenance_Update.
The MR4 release provides major new functionalities and improvements and fixes in many areas that increase printer stability. The main changes versus MR3 are detailed below.
User Interface (IPS):
General IPS stability has also been improved to allow a better printing experience by avoiding freezes and reducing response time. When printing long queue tasks, the preview has been decreased from 50m to 10m to ensure correct IPS PC performance.
User experience with IPS and performance have been improved by correcting issues related to localization and units display, allowing options that weren’t available before, such as the rearrange button when nesting, enabling the ‘abort rotation’ option or loading an image wider than the loaded media. When using dual roll, the roll preferences are imported from the RIP, and the queue management issues have been fixed. Also, Settings are preserved when exporting/importing presets.
Fixes on mechanics and usage reporting for the Service information plot and new messaging workflows when reporting errors. In the print adjustments window, the ‘advance value’ feature is disabled when OMAS is active, and the possibility to modify the tensions has been added as well.
This FW version includes really important fixes related to general printer stability; it mainly reduces the occurrences of the the most important printing interruptions.
The error 61.02 has been partially fixed, mainly when printing long jobs, and also freezes while processing status have been reduced. Connectivity errors and 79.04 occurrences have also been reduced in order to allow for better continuous unattended printing workflow.
Printhead control:
Workflows to deal with PH reseats have been improved, both for messaging and workflows, so now the user can recover from the error by performing a Reinitialize carriage in case of a disconnection glitch without reseating the printhead. Also, more diagnosis is automatically collected in order to continue reducing these occurrences.
Print Care:
Several diagnostic tests have been corrected to display the reason for the failure after the FAIL message. Also, some remaining localization error items have been corrected.
The wiper Z-calibration check (47005) can now be done after any other Printhead cleaning station test.






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