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HP LaserJet Pro - Non-HP black cartridge detected

A non-HP toner cartridge is installed. If you believe you have purchased a genuine HP cartridge but received something different, please refer to the following link:
In some instances, the product control panel may state that a genuine HP cartridge is installed, but the on-line verification technology detected a non-HP cartridge. On-line verification technology is a more accurate technology for detecting non-HP cartridges.
For more troubleshooting cartridge issues, see Troubleshoot 10.xx and Supplies messages (c04393822).


Q: What is the intent of the non-HP message?
A: The intent of the message is to inform customers that a non-genuine HP cartridge is in the product.
Q: Why is there a non-HP cartridge message from the on-line verification tool when the product control panel message states that a genuine HP cartridge is installed?
A: On-line verification technology is more accurate than the technology to detect a non-HP cartridge.
Q: Will other HP product models behave in this same manner?
A: Yes. Many HP products will also exhibit this same type of behavior.
Q: Is there a technical solution for this issue?
A: No. The product and cartridge are performing as designed.