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Removing and Replacing the Back Cover in HP TouchSmart 420 Desktop PCs

This document applies to HP Touch 420-1000 and 420-1100 desktop computers.
HP TouchSmart 420-1x00 desktop computer

Before you begin

  • Turn off the computer and disconnect all cables.
  • Transfer the computer to a clean, flat, stable work surface over a noncarpeted floor. HP recommends that you put down a blanket, towel, or other soft cloth to protect the screen from scratches or other damage.
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage your processor, disk drives, expansion boards and other components. HP strongly recommends the use of an antistatic wrist strap and a conductive foam pad when working on the computer.
  • Do not remove a component from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it.
This product contains components that can be damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD). To reduce the chance of ESD damage, work over a noncarpeted floor, use a static dissipative work surface (such as a conductive foam pad), and wear an ESD wrist strap connected to a grounded surface.

Video overview

View the following video before using the steps in this article.
For best quality on dial-up connections, wait until the video has fully loaded before viewing.

Removing and replacing the back cover

This document provides instructions for removing the back cover to permit access to the CD/DVD drive, the hard disk drive, and the system memory.
Make sure the computer is disconnected from power before starting.
Use the following steps:
Removing the back cover
Step 1
Place the computer face down on a table, allowing the stand to hang over the edge of the table.
Computer face down on a  table
Step 2
To remove the USB dongle cover, grasp the top of the cover and pull it away from the computer.
Removing the USB dongle cover
Step 3
To remove the USB dongle, pull the dongle down and away from the computer.
Removing the USB dongle
Step 4
Loosen the captive screw located on the left corner. Turn the screw until it makes a clicking sound five times...
Location of left corner screw
...and loosen the captive screw located on the right corner.
Location of right corner screw
Step 5
If your computer has a BCAS board, use your fingers to pull the VESA cover up and away from the computer...
Removing the VESA cover
...and remove the VESA screw.
Removing the VESA screw
Step 6
Pry up on the bottom edge of the cover first, and then pry up the sides and top.
Prying up the cover
Step 7
Pull off the back cover.
Pulling off the back cover
Replacing the back cover
Step 1
There are several tabs on the edges of the back cover...
Tabs on the back cover
...that snap over slots on the edges of the front bezel.
Slots on the front bezel
Step 2
To replace the rear cover, align the cover over the computer and lower the cover into position...
Aligning the cover over the computer
...making sure the cover is correctly aligned over the side I/O ports.
Aligning the cover correctly over the I/O ports
Step 3
Press the cover firmly, until all tabs at the edges snap into place.
Pressing the cover firmly into place
Step 4
Tighten the captive screw on the left corner of the rear cover...
Location of left corner screw
...and the screw on the right corner.
Location of screw in right corner
Step 5
If your computer has a BCAS board, replace the VESA screw...
Replacing the VESA screw
...and replace the VESA cover.
Replacing the VESA cover
Step 6
To replace the USB dongle, insert it straight up into its slot on the back of the computer.
Replacing the USB dongle
Step 7
To replace the USB dongle cover, align the three bottom tabs of the cover ...
Location of the dongle cover tabs
...onto the edge of the front bezel...
Location of the slots on the edge of the front bezel
...and push the dongle cover into place.
Pushing the dongle into place






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