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HP Notebook PCs - System Restore Fails After Installing HP ProtectTools

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Release date : 11-Dec-2012

Last updated : 11-Dec-2012

Restoring the operating system back to a point before HP ProtectTools was installed or configured may cause a logon error. The following error message may appear when attempting to logon:
HPESULT 0x80074003

HP EliteBook 2560p Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 2560p Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 2760p Tablet PC
HP EliteBook 8460p Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 8460w Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 8560p Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation
HP ProBook 4230s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4330s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4331s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4430s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4431s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4435s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4436s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4530s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4535s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4730s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 5330m Notebook PC
HP ProBook 6360b Notebook PC
HP ProBook 6460b Notebook PC
HP ProBook 6560b Notebook PC
HP ProBook 6565b Notebook PC
HP Slate 500 Tablet PC
To resolve this issue, regain access to the Windows environment by undoing the previous restore point action in Safe Mode. This returns the notebook to a previous known good state.
To undo a previous restore point:
  1. Restart the notebook, then press F8 before the Windows logo appears to enter SafeMode.
  2. Select SafeMode from the menu.
  3. In Windows, open the Control Panel and click Return to a previous Retsore Point.
  4. Select the latest Restore Point from the list, click Undo, then follow the on-screen instructions.
After undoing the last Restore Point, uninstall ProtectTools and its components, then download and install a new version. HP recommends installing ProtectTools Security Manager 6.06.1004 or later.
Visit hp.com, click Support & Drivers, then locate the latest ProtectTools software for the affected notebook. Alternatively, run HP Support Assistant (if installed) to automatically update ProtectTools.

Hardware platforms affected : HP EliteBook 2560p Notebook PC, HP EliteBook 2760p Tablet PC, HP EliteBook 8460p Notebook PC, HP EliteBook 8460w Mobile Workstation, HP EliteBook 8560p Notebook PC, HP EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation, HP ProBook 4230s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4330s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4331s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4430s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4431s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4435s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4436s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4530s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4535s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 4730s Notebook PC, HP ProBook 5330m Notebook PC, HP ProBook 6360b Notebook PC, HP ProBook 6460b Notebook PC, HP ProBook 6560b Notebook PC, HP ProBook 6565b Notebook PC, HP Slate 500 Tablet PC

Operating systems affected : Not applicable

Software affected : Not applicable

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