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HP Color LaserJet Printer Series - Print Color Text as Black and White

When the customer prints a document with the Color Text on it, without any Graphics image, it always prints in Black and White. Other images and Color boxes are printing in color.
This will happen in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point.
This is due to the driver settings, which change the Color text to the Mono, and print as Black and White.
The following setting is available under the Advance tab of Printing Preferences and Printing defaults settings.
Print All Text as Black
This is shown in the following screen:
Select Disabled - This will enable the Color printing for all the text matter.
This function is available for all the printer driver models.
For Server: this setting needs to be activated in the Printing Preferences under the General tab of printer driver.
For Clients: this setting needs to be changed in the Printing defaults settings available under Advance tab of printer driver properties.