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HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press - Using the software

This section describes how to use the touchscreen on the printing engine.
Touch the required button or icon on the screen to select an option. Some components are read-only and are not sensitive to touch.
If you touch a field that requires text input, a virtual keyboard appears. If you touch a field that requires numeric input, a virtual numeric keypad appears.
The printing engine touchscreen includes the following components, which are always visible:
    Figure : Control panel and working area
  1. Control panel
  2. Working area

Working area

The working area of the touchscreen displays the currently running process. The processes are color coded according to predefined groups to enable easy recognition. For example, the green background indicates wizards.
The working area can include its own toolbar to enable navigation in the current process. Use the main menu or main toolbar to navigate to other processes.

Control panel

The control panel includes the following components:
    Figure : Control panel
  1. Small press schematic
  2. Print job panel
  3. Main toolbar
  4. Print controls

Press schematic

The press schematic displays press status. To see a more detailed press schematic panel, press the small schematic.
The large Press Schematic panel is displayed indicating the current status of various parts of the press.
In the Press schematic panel, touch the various press parts to open the relevant part panel.
Figure : Large Press Schematic

Print job panel

The print job panel shows properties for the current job:
  • Job name
  • Thumbnail of current job — select to display a full preview of the job
  • Number of images in the job
  • Number of copies printed and number of copies to be printed
  • Time left for the current job to finish printing
  • The next job to be printed
  • The status of the next job
  • Thumbnail of next job — select to display a full preview of the job
    Touching the current job area opens the details for the current job.

Main toolbar

The main toolbar is used to access the main menu and frequently used processes.
Figure : Main toolbar
The main toolbar includes the following buttons:
  • Main Menu — Enables access to all processes
  • — Displays the home window, and closes the current window.
  • Paused Processes — Enables you to switch between multiple paused processes. When more than one application is paused, the number of paused processes is displayed in brackets. Touch the arrow to open the drop-down list, and select a paused process.
  • — Opens the HP Indigo Print Care window.
  • — Changes to ToolTip mode. ToolTip mode displays the relevant tooltip when touching a control button, and will not perform the relevant operation. This button can be toggled.
  • — Opens the relevant help page for the current window in the working area.

Print controls

The print controls are used to operate the press and to print jobs. The print controls also show the press state.
    Figure : Print controls
  1. Press state indicator
  2. Error and warning indicators
  3. Print buttons
  4. Press status selector
  5. Print mode selector
Press state indicator
Different press functions are possible only at defined press states.
The following press states exist:
  • Print
  • Getting Ready
  • Ready
  • Standby
  • Off
Error and warning indicators
The error and warning indicators display the number of unacknowledged messages. Touch the buttons to open the list of the latest messages.
Print buttons
The print buttons control the operation of the press and jobs.
The following print buttons are available:
  • Print — Prints a single job. When the press is in print state, this button changes to Pause. Touching this button, pauses the job currently printing.
  • Proof — Prints a proof of a job.
  • End Job — Ends the current job, and starts the next job.
  • Abort — Terminates the current job and stops printing.
  • Get Ready / Standby — Moves the press state from Standby to Ready; from Ready to Standby; or from Get Ready to Standby.
Print mode selector
The print mode selector controls the print mode:
  • Continuous — the job is unloaded at the end of the print run and the next job in the Print Queue starts the print process.
  • Step — the next job in the Print Queue is moved to the top of the Print Queue and appears in the Now printing job field, but printing stops.






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