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HP iPAQ Handhelds - Establishing a Device Partnership Using WMDC

Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes, which require Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized using Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). Other items, such as, files and Web pages, which do not require Microsoft Outlook, can also be synchronized.

Setting up the HP iPAQ for synchronization

  1. Turn your HP iPAQ on and plug it to your computer. WMDC starts automatically.
  2. Click Set up your device.
  3. Select the content type that you want to synchronize and click Next.
  4. Type a name for your HP iPAQ in the Device name field and click Set Up to start setting up a partnership.
  5. A partnership between your HP iPAQ and computer will get established

Changing the type of WMDC Connection

You can change the type of WMDC connection being used between your HP iPAQ and your computer to meet your specific needs.
You should use USB Serial Sync mode if you:
  • Are having general problems with the WMDC connection between your HP iPAQ and your computer.
  • Need to connect your HP iPAQ to your computer while you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel from your computer.
  • Are running personal or company‑enforced firewall software on your computer.
You should use USB RNDIS mode if you are transferring large files and do not have any connection issues between your HP iPAQ and your computer.
By default your HP iPAQ and your computer synchronizes using the USB Serial Sync mode, to change to RNDIS USB mode.
  1. Tap Start > Settings > Connections > USB to PC.
  2. Select the Enable advanced network functionality check box, and then tap ok.

Changing your content synchronization settings

Before you can synchronize information with your device, you must select the corresponding content type for synchronization. If you have already selected the content you want to synchronize when setting up your Windows Mobile partnership, you can change your selections in Windows Mobile Device Center.

Changing the content to synchronize

  1. Plug the USB cable (cradle) of your HP iPAQ to the computer to start the Windows Mobile Device Center automatically.
  2. Click Mobile Device Settings.
  3. Click Change content sync settings.
  4. Select the check box for the information type that you want to synchronize.
  5. If available, click Sync Settings for each content type whose settings you want to change, then select the options you want.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each content type.

Synchronizing with Exchange Server

To synchronize with Exchange Server, you will need to know the Exchange Server name, the user name, the password, and the domain.

Setting up synchronization with Exchange Server

  1. Plug your HP iPAQ to the computer for Windows Mobile Device Center to start automatically.
  2. When the device is not synchronizing, click Mobile Device Settings, and then click Change Exchange Server Settings.
  3. In the Server Address box, type the name of the server running Exchange Server.
  4. Enter your User Name and Password in the appropriate boxes.
  5. If you do not want to enter your password every time a scheduled synchronization occurs, select the Save password check box.
  6. Under Domain, enter your domain name.
  7. Choose your preferred conflict resolution, then click Save.

Ending a Windows Mobile partnership

Ending a Windows Mobile partnership removes all of the synchronization settings you have chosen for the Windows Mobile powered device.

Ending a Sync partnership

  1. Disconnect your HP iPAQ from your computer.
  2. Open Windows Mobile Device Center, and then place your cursor over Mobile Device Settings.
  3. Click End a partnership.
  4. Select the device whose Windows Mobile partnership you want to end, and then click End partnership.
  5. Click Yes to confirm Partnership Deletion.

Working with Windows Sync Center

Windows Sync Center provides a quick overview of all of the partnerships that have been created with the computer, including the partnership between your Windows Mobile powered device and your computer. You can use Windows Sync Center to get information about the partnership, including synchronization status and error information, and to perform simple tasks such as starting and stopping synchronization, browsing the files on your device, and navigating to Windows Mobile Device Center.
To open Windows Synch Center, do one of the following:
  • Double-click the Windows Sync Center icon in the notification area.
  • Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Sync Center.
  • Open Windows Explorer, click Tools, and then click Open Sync Center.
  • Click Start, click Control Panel, click Network and Internet, and then click Sync Center.
  • Click Start, click Control Panel, click Classic View, and then Sync Center.

Opening WMDC from Windows Sync Center

  1. Make sure a Windows Mobile partnership has been established.
  2. In Windows Sync Center, double-click the Windows Mobile powered device icon, or
  3. Right-click the Windows Mobile partnership to display the context menu, and click Open Windows Mobile Device Center.






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