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HP Designjet HD Scanners - Scanning Fragile or Delicate Media

This documnet is also valid for:
  • DJ 820 MFP
  • DJ T1100 MFP
  • DJ T1120 HD MFP
  • DJ 4500 MFP
  • DJ 4500 Scanner
  • DJ 4520 HD MFP
  • DJ T1200 HD MFP
  • DJ HD Scanner
End-user wants scanner to only scan once and move the original document only once so their delicate document is not exposed to any un-needed mechanical handling. Several default scanner settings are designed to speed up scanning and so are not ideal for scanning fragile or delicate media. Besides using a document protector to envelope the original, the following preferences may be set on the scanner software to slow scanning down and to enable single-pass media movement during scanning and minimize any damage to the original.
  1. From the scanning software on the touchscreen, go to: Setup Tab/Options/Scanning; turn Off Rewind Paper, Eject Paper & Auto Preview.
  2. Scan Tab/Size/Wrench; turn off Auto Width & Auto Length -at this point the end-user can set their own size or use one that's built in to the scanner software.
  3. In Setup/Options/Scanning/Scanner/Setup; enable Soft Handling (this will slow all the scanner's handling of the subject).
    After all these changes, do not click the "Double Blue Slash" reset button on the touchscreen unless the end-user wants to reset all the scanner settings to default. This button resets the scanner software and all the customized settings back to default settings!