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HP Inkjet Cartridges and Printheads - HP 84 Ink Cartridge and Printhead Specifications


The HP 84 ink cartridges and HP 84 printheads are designed to work precisely with the HP Designjet 10PS/20PS/50PS, 30 and 130 series printers.
The HP Designjet 30 and 130 series printers use only the black HP 84 printhead and ink cartridge.


  • Ink cartridge feedback for clear, sharp results without guesswork.
  • The cartridge delivers 69cc’s of ink.
  • It is also includes a “smart chip” that optimizes print quality and automatically warns you when the ink is low.
  • Specially engineered inks for photo-perfect color images.
  • Uses MDL technology in the light magenta and light cyan inks. MDL technology is the utilization of additional shades of ink in order to achieve improved output quality of color images. The amount of dye load in ink has to do with the amount of colorant put in it. The less colorant, the lighter shade of ink. Conversely, the more colorant, the darker the shade of ink.
  • Experience lower cost per print and increased printhead life by replacing printheads separately and less frequently than ink cartridges. On average, one printhead will last the time of two to three ink cartridges depending upon usage.

Product name, part numbers, and ink volume

The table below provides product name, part numbers, and ink volume information for the HP 84 cartridges and printheads.
Ink Cartridge product name
Part number
Ink volume
HP 84 Ink Cartridge - Black
HP 84 (C5016A)
69 ml
HP 84 Ink Cartridge - Light cyan
HP 84 (C5017AN)
69 ml
HP 84 Ink Cartridge - Light magenta
HP 84 (C5018AN)
69 ml
Printhead product name
Part number
Ink volume
HP 84 Printhead - Black
HP 84 (C5019A)
8 ml
HP 84 Printhead - Light cyan
HP 84 (C5020A)
8 ml
HP 84 Printhead - Light magenta
HP 84 (C5021A)
8 ml


Listed below is product, ink cartridge, printhead, paper and media compatibility information.

Product compatibility

HP Designjet 10PS series
HP Designjet 20PS series
HP Designjet 50PS series
HP Designjet 30 series
HP Designjet 130 series

HP ink cartridge and printhead compatibility

HP ink cartridge
HP printheads
HP 84 Ink Cartridge - Light cyan
HP 84 Ink Cartridge - Light magenta
HP 84 Printhead - Black (dye based)
HP 84 Printhead - Light cyan
HP 84 Printhead - Light magenta
HP 11 Ink Cartridge - Cyan
HP 11 Ink Cartridge - Magenta
HP 11 Printhead - Cyan
HP 11 Printhead - Magenta
HP 11 Printhead - Yellow
HP 82 Ink Cartridge - Yellow

Paper and media compatibility

This product is compatible with all currently produced HP Inkjet media.

Maintenance of the cartridge

The printer automatically performs priming, cleaning, and capping the cartridges to maintain optimum print quality. Proper use and handling will provide optimum print quality, and cartridge life. Observe the following table:
Do not
Keep ink product sealed in the original packaging until ready to use. Ink can evaporate through the nozzles and the plastic body, reducing ink product life. Therefore, ink products have a longer life when sealed in the packaging.
After opening the ink product, store the product in the printer. This will help prevent ink from drying out in the nozzles. This will also minimize the risk of contamination with airborne dust particles.
Press the POWER button to turn Off the printer, rather than unplugging the printer
Unplug the printer without turning Off the POWER button first. Pressing the POWER button caps the product in the service station, preventing ink from drying in the nozzle.
Open the print carriage unless a cartridge or printhead needs to be replaced. Opening the print carriage needlessly can damage printheads.
Remove an ink cartridge or a printhead only when a replacement is available. If an ink cartridge or a printhead is removed without being replaced; close the print carriage and the printer doors. Replace the ink cartridge or printhead within 24 hours.
If you must temporarily remove an ink product, store in a sealed plastic container within the recommended Storage Temperatures. Make sure the nozzles on the ink product do not touch the side of the container.
Re-tape the ink product if you remove the product from the printer.
Store unopened ink product in an upright position.
Store the unopened ink products on its side for long periods.
Keep both new and used printheads and ink cartridges out of reach of children.

Recommended storage conditions

Operational Temperature
5 degrees C to 40 degrees C
41 degrees F to 104 degrees F
Storage Temperature
-40 degrees to 60 degrees C
-40 degrees to 140 degrees F

Installation dates

HP Inkjet cartridges and printheads feature an install before date printed on the outside of the cartridge box. Be sure to install your ink cartridges and printheads before the "Install by" date on the package.


If you install the C5016A ink cartridge before the “install-by” date, the in-printer-life will be 30 months. If the C5016A ink cartridge is installed after the “Install-by” date, the in-printer-life will less than 30 months (example, if installed one month after the “install-by” date, the in-printer-life will be 29 months). Once the ink cartridge has been installed in the printer for 30 months, it will automatically be shut off. This is to prevent potential damage to the rest of the printer’s writing system.


This product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the period of the warranty. If the product is defective, contact HP (or your retailer) before the end of warranty date.
HP 84 ink cartridges are warranted until the original ink is depleted or the “end of warranty” day has been reached whichever comes first.
HP 84 printheads have a limited warranty. It will perform to specifications until the “end of warranty” date marked on the printhead or when 200 ml of ink have passed through the printheads.
The end of warranty date appears on both the cartridge and the printhead (see Figure 1 below) in a year, month, day format (YYYY/MM/DD).
FIGURE 0: “End of warranty” stamped on the cartridge and printhead
A. Location of end of warranty marking on the HP 84 ink cartridge.
B. Location of end of warranty marking on the HP 84 printhead.
Warranty does not cover empty or refilled products, printer expired products, or products that have been misused or tampered with.
For complete warranty information, refer to the document titled "HP Ink Cartridges and Printheads - Limited Warranty for HP 84 Cartridges and Printheads."






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