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HP PCs - Using BitLocker or Finding the Recovery Key (Windows 10)

This document is for HP computers that support BitLocker Drive Encryption or Device Encryption.
Device encryption prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your device and data. Your computer might support BitLocker Drive Encryption (in English) or Device Encryption (in English).
You can check whether your device supports standard BitLocker encryption or Device Encryption.
Be sure to save your recovery key, because it might be required after certain actions, such as a BIOS update.

Data protection with BitLocker Drive Encryption

BitLocker Drive Encryption is also known as standard BitLocker encryption.
BitLocker Drive Encryption is available on supported devices running the Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, or Windows 10 Education operating systems.
BitLocker Drive Encryption is not available on devices running the Windows 10 Home operating system.
If your device uses BitLocker Drive Encryption to encrypt your data, you must activate BitLocker.
During the activation process, you can select where to store the recovery key. This manual recovery key backup process is initiated when BitLocker is turned on.

Data protection with Device Encryption

Device Encryption is a feature-limited version of BitLocker that encrypts the entire system. Device Encryption is also known as BitLocker Device Encryption or BitLocker Automatic Device Encryption.
Device Encryption is available on supported devices running any Windows 10 operating system. It requires a TPM and Modern Standby support.
Windows automatically enables Device Encryption on devices that support Modern Standby (in English). Microsoft offers Device Encryption support on a broad range of devices, including devices that run Windows 10 Home edition. See Overview of BitLocker Device Encryption.
Device Encryption is enabled automatically when you either sign into your device with a Microsoft account or join with a corporate domain account.
The recovery key is uploaded to the Microsoft account or the corporate domain automatically.


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