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Apple iPod from HP Digital Audio Players - Resetting or Restoring an Apple iPod from HP

Reset or restore the audio player, depending on what you want to do:
  • Reset - Resets most of the iPod firmware (the information used by the iPod hardware). The customized settings are lost but all audio files stored on the hard drive remain intact.
  • Restore - (not for shuffle) Returns iPod settings and hard drive data to the same condition as it came from the factory (unless some physical damage has occurred). This means all audio files and settings stored on the iPod are erased.
Use the appropriate section below to reset or restore the Apple iPod from HP.


To reset the Apple iPod from HP, perform the following steps dependin on your model:
Resetting the iPod from HP causes the loss of some personalized settings and may display the incorrect time until it is resynchronized to the PC.

Reset steps for iPod Shuffle from HP

  1. Disconnect the shuffle from the computer and switch to off.
  2. Wait 5 seconds.
  3. Switch to play in order or shuffle position.
    The shuffle is reset.
Switch to off before reconnecting to your computer.

Reset steps for iPod from HP

  1. Make sure the battery is charged or the power adapter is connected and plugged in.
  2. Place the iPod from HP face up on a flat surface.
  3. With the iPod from HP connected to the power adapter, slide the Hold switch on and then off.
    Do not touch any part of the click wheel when sliding the hold switch.
  4. Next, press and hold both the Menu and the Select buttons until the logo appears (about six to ten seconds)..
    Once reset, you can customize your settings again.


Use the following steps to restore the Apple iPod from HP to its original condition:
All files will be deleted after performing the following steps. Make sure that you have backed up all of the files that you want to keep before continuing.
It is very important to keep the music files in your library on the computer as well as on the iPod. If the files are kept in both place and the iPod (or the PC) has a problem, the files will be less likely to be lost.
  1. Connect the iPod to the PC or Digital Entertainment Center using the USB cable.
  2. Open iTunes if it does not open automatically and wait for the music update to complete.
  3. Close iTunes or MusicMatch and open the updater utility: click Start, All Programs, iPod, and then click Updater (select the most recently dated Updater if more than one exists).
  4. Click Restore, and then click Restore again from the Alert window.
  5. Look at the iPod screen:
    • If an apple logo appears with a progress bar under under the logo, leave the iPod connected unitl the restore completes.
    • If an image of a power connector displays, connect the AC adapter and wait until the restore completes.
    • If the message "OK to Disconnect" is shown, Reset the iPod as shown in the Reset steps of this document and try again.
  6. When done an iTunes assistant Window appears, Enter a name in the and click Done.
  7. Close iTunes Updater software and disconnect the audio player.
  8. Select a language from the iPod when prompted.


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