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HP PSC 1300 All-in-One Printer Series - Setting up the All-in-One (Hardware)


This document explains how to set up the physical parts of the product. Complete these steps before you install the product software on your computer.
This document includes the following steps to set up the product:
  • Unpack the All-in-One
  • Check the contents of the box
  • Attach the control panel overlay
  • Connect the power cord and adapter
  • Turn on power
  • Load plain paper
  • Install the cartridges
  • Align the cartridges

Setting up the All-in-One

Follow these steps in order.

Step one: Unpack the All-in-One

  1. Remove all plastic, tape, and packaging material.
  2. Remove shipping material and components from inside the product.
    Rys. : Remove packing material and components

Step two: Check the contents of the box

The contents might vary by country/region. See the packaging for a list of items shipped in the box.

Step three: Attach the control panel overlay

  1. Remove the adhesive backing from the front panel cover.
  2. Raise the lid of the product.
  3. Place the front panel cover into the recess and stick it into place.
The product will not work until the front panel cover is attached.

Step four: Connect the power cord and adapter

Connect the power cord and adapter.
Rys. : Connect power cords

Step five: Turn on power

  1. Press the On/Resume button next to the On light ().
    Rys. : Press the On/Resume button
  2. Wait 30 seconds for the product to start up.

Step six: Load plain paper

  1. Lower the input tray and slide the paper guide completely to the left.
  2. Insert plain white letter or A4 paper and adjust the paper guide as needed. Be careful not to force the paper too far into the tray.
    Rys. : Load plain paper

Step seven: Install the cartridges

  1. With the product still turned on, open the access door. Make sure the carriage movesto the center. If it does not move to the center, turn the product off, thenturn it back on again.
    Rys. : Carriage for the cartridges
  2. Remove the tape from both cartridges.
    Rys. : Remove the tape
    Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or re-tape thecartridges.
    Rys. : Copper-colored contacts
  3. Hold the cartridges with the large HP label and the raised markings on top.
  4. Insert the blackcartridge in the right cartridge slot, and the tri-color cartridge in the left cartridge slot.
  5. Make sure you push the cartridges in firmly until they snap intoplace.
  6. Close the access door.

Step eight: Align the cartridges

  1. After closing the access door, wait a few minutes while the cartridge alignment page prints.
  2. Place the alignment page face down on the left front corner of the glass and close the lid.
    Rys. : Load alignment page
  3. Press the Scan button .
    Rys. : Press the scan button
  4. After the On light stops blinking, alignment is complete. Discard or recycle the alignment page.


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