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Send faxes with the HP Smart app

Use Mobile Fax to securely send documents from a mobile device or computer.

You do not need a fax or phone line to send faxes with Mobile Fax.

Enable Mobile Fax in the HP Smart app

Install the HP Smart app if you have not already done so, and then enable Mobile Fax.

  1. Make sure your mobile device or computer is connected to your wireless network.

  2. Open the HP Smart app. If you do not have HP Smart, download it from 123.hp.com or your app store.

  3. Click the Mobile Fax tile. If you do not see the Mobile Fax tile on your Home screen, click Personalize Tiles, and then click the Mobile Fax toggle to add the tile to your Home screen.


    If you do not see a Mobile Fax option in the Personalize menu, Mobile Fax might not be available in your country/region.

    The Mobile Fax tile in the HP Smart app
  4. Follow any instructions to sign in or create an HP account.

Send a fax with Mobile Fax

Create a fax in the HP Smart app, and then send it securely to a fax machine.

  1. In the HP Smart app, click the Mobile Fax tile.

  2. In the To section, add a recipient fax number and name, or click the Contacts icon to select a previously saved contact.

    Filling in the recipient information in the To section
  3. In the From section, add your name and a phone number. The recipient can use this information to contact you. To add your fax number or email, click Add optional info.

    Filling in your information in the From section
  4. To add a cover page, click the Add a cover page toggle, and then type a subject and message.

  5. Attach a supported file, or scan the item you want to fax using your printer or mobile device camera.


    You can send up to 50 pages or 20MB as a single fax job.

    • Attach a document or photo: Click the Files & Photos icon , navigate to a folder on your mobile device or computer, cloud storage, or social media account, sign in if necessary, and then select a single or multi-page file.

    • Scan a document or photo with your printer: Click the Scanner icon , click the Settings icon to change scan settings, and then scan the document or photo with your printer. Click the Plus sign to add pages to the scan. When you finish scanning, click Next.


      To scan with a printer, you must have a printer with scanning capability added to the HP Smart app.

    • Scan a document or photo with your mobile device camera: Tap the Camera icon , and then scan a document or photo with your mobile device camera. Click the Plus sign to add pages to the scan. When you finish scanning, click Next.

  6. Click Send fax.

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