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HP Scitex LX850/LX820/LX800/LX600/HP Designjet L65500 - About the Carriage Oiling Foams and Wicks

HP Designjet L65500
HP Scitex LX600
HP Scitex LX800
HP Scitex LX820
HP Scitex LX850
CK832A Printer Cleaning Kit
CR774-67031 Carriage Oiling Foam and Wick
Replace the carriage oiler foam
Replace the carriage oiler wick
Clean and maintain the printer
The printer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide, 2nd edition, instructs the printer operator to replace the carriage oiler foams every two to three months under average usage conditions. This supplemental support document elaborates on this procedure and provides some additional part information not currently found in other sources.

There are two oiler locations on the carriage, front and rear. See Figure 1.

Figure 1 Oiler locations
1 - Front carriage oiler
2 - Rear carriage oiler

The oiler consists of two parts, foam and wick. The foam functions as a reservoir of oil. The oil is drawn from the foam down through the wick for even distribution at the desired rate onto the carriage rails for lubrication. A cover piece retains the foam. See Figure 2.

Figure 2 Oiler components. Rear oiler shown, front similar.
1 - Cover
2 - Oiler foam
3 - Oiler wick

The foam must be replaced periodically to renew the supply of oil. Adding oil to an old foam is not recommended, as it may cause too much oil to be applied and result in drops of oil falling onto the media and printer components. New replacement foams are provided already impregnated with the correct amount of oil. Replacement of the wicks is required less frequently, typically once per year under average usage conditions.

The Printer Cleaning Kit, HP part number CK832A, provides a replacement supply of oil foams and oil wicks plus many other important cleaning supplies. The kit includes enough supplies to maintain a printer for 1 year of average usage. The Cleaning Kit provides 12 oiling foams (enough for six replacement cycles) and 1 set of wicks (enough for 1 annual replacement). See Figure 3.

Figure 3 CK832A Printer Cleaning Kit example. The oiler foams are visible at upper right; the oiler wicks are visible at upper center.

In the event that Cleaning Kit CK832A is not available, or if printer usage dictates more frequent replacement of the foams or wicks, additional foams and wicks can be obtained separately via service part CR774-67031 Carriage Oiling Foam and Wick. This consumable service part provides qty. 2 of the foams and qty. 1 each of the front and rear wicks. As noted above, the wicks are replaced in pairs so a total of two each of the specially-shaped pieces are included.

For complete instructions on how to replace the foams and wicks, refer to the printer Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide, 2nd edition, Chapter 4, "Hardware Maintenance".

Other Part Numbers
In addition to the items named above, the following part numbers have also been published in some sources:

Table 1 Associated Part Numbers
Part Number
Part Description
Status (as of February 2013)
Kit,Foams,Carriage Oiling - Set of 2 oily foams.
This item has been replaced by CR774-67031, described above.
Kit,Rear Carriage Oiling Wicks & Felt - Rear carriage bushings, intermediate wicks & felts, 2 oily foams, and bottle of oil.
This item has been replaced by CR774-67032.
Carriage bushing replacement kit - Replaces the bushings that interface with the rail slider rods themselves.
This part number is active, but it is a service part and should be addressed only by a qualified HP service provider. This part is unrelated to the routine replacement of the foams and wicks.





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