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HP Designjet T1100 Printer Series - The Image is Incomplete (Clipped at the Bottom)

  • Did you press Cancel before all the data were received by the printer? If so, you have ended the data transmission and will have to print the page again.
  • The I/O timeout setting may be too short. This setting determines how long the printer waits for the computer to send more data, before deciding that the job is finished. From the front panel, increase the I/O timeout setting to a longer period and then send the print again. From the Connectivity menu , select Advanced, Select I/O timeout.
  • There may be a communications problem between your computer and the printer. Check your USB or network cable.
  • Check to make sure that your software settings are correct for your current page size (for example, long-axis prints).
  • If you are using network software, make sure it has not timed out.