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HP Designjet 100 Series Printers - Upgrading Printer and Jetdirect Firmware


This document contains information about upgrading the printer firmware and the HP Jetdirect print server firmware.

Upgrading the printer firmware

To access the HP Designjet System Maintenance tool

  1. Click Start, Settings, Printers.
  2. In the Printers window, right-click the HP Designjet 100 icon, and then click Printing Preferences.
  3. In the Printing Preferences dialog box, click Advanced , and then click Maintenance.
    Figure : Printing Preferences dialog box
  4. The HP System Maintenance tool opens in a browser. On the navigation bar, click the update firmware link.
    Figure : System Maintenance Web page

To upgrade the printer firmware

Click the Printer Version Check link. The system checks the status of the printer and, if necessary, downloads the latest firmware release and upgrades the printer’s firmware.
The latest firmware can also be downloaded from Designjet Online at http://www.designjet.hp.com/downloads.html.
Figure : Printer Version Check link

Upgrading the HP Jetdirect print server firmware

HP offers HP Download Manager as a tool to upgrade HP Jetdirect print server firmware. HP Download Manager can detect all print servers that need to be upgraded and then upgrade them using either a local firmware file or a file downloaded from an online database. Click here to download the HP Download Manager.

Using HP Download Manager

Use HP Download Manager to obtain firmware from a local file or directly from the HP web site.
  1. Open HP Download Manager. The Operating Mode dialog box appears.
    Figure : Opening HP Download Manager
  2. In the Operating Mode dialog box select one of the following operating modes:
    • Internet Mode: The HP Download Manager searches the HP database for the latest firmware releases and checks whether the HP Jetdirect print server’s firmware needs to be upgraded.
    • Local Mode: The firmware is obtained directly from your hard drive. Local Mode uses only the firmware information that already resides on your local system. If you have downloaded HP Download Manager and the firmware bundle, and are sure that this firmware bundle contains the most up-to-date firmware, Local Mode will be faster.
      Figure : Operating Mode dialog box
  3. In the Discovery Options dialog box select either:
    • Select Automatic Discovery [all networks known to this PC] to automatically search the entire network for any HP Jetdirect devices.
    • Select Custom Discovery [individual addresses and/or additional networks] to manually enter the printers to be upgraded.
      Figure : Discovery Options dialog box
  4. If Custom Discovery [individual addresses and/or additional networks] was selected, the Custom Discovery Settings dialog box opens. In the Discovery Options directory, click the Single Addresses folder, and then type the IP addresses of the printers to be upgraded. Click Add after each printer address is typed, and then click OK.
  5. Click Begin Discovery. The Device Discovery dialog box displays the Device Discovery Status.
    Figure : Device Discovery dialog box
  6. When the search is complete, the Discovery Report dialog box displays the number of devices found and the number that can be upgraded. Click Yes to confirm the upgrade request.
    Figure : Discovery Report dialog box
  7. In the Upgrade Options dialog box, select one of the following options:
    • Start firmware upgrade now
    • Schedule upgrade to start at:.
      Figure : Upgrade Options dialog box
  8. If the Schedule upgrade to start at: option was selected in the previous step, enter the time for the upgrade, and then click OK. If the Start firmware upgrade now option was selected in the previous step, click OK. The Overall upgrade status displays as the upgrade takes place.






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