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HP Designjet 755CM Printer - Using PANTONE(R)* with Adobe (R) PageMaker v 5.x and 6.x Software in Microsoft (R) Windows

Palettes have been provided for Adobe PageMaker 5.x. They were copied by the installation program and placed on the hard disk (default location C:\HPANTONE\PAGEMAKR). The files should be moved to the directory that PageMaker uses to store color palettes:
  • PageMaker 5.x default directory for color palettes is C:\PAGEMAKR\CUSTOM
  • PageMaker 6.x default directory for color palettes is C:\PAGEMAKR\RSRC\COLOR
You can move these files using the Windows File Manager program.
The following procedures assume that the files have been moved and the drawing is open in PageMaker.

To select and load an HP PANTONE (R)* palette

  1. Select Define Colors in the Element menu.
  2. In the Define Colors dialog box choose New.
  3. In the Edit Color dialog box choose the Libraries arrow.
  4. Double-click the appropriate HP PANTONE (R)* palette in the list; scroll down the list to see this entry.
  5. The Library dialog box for your PANTONE (R)* Colors palette will appear. Press and hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click on each of the PANTONE (R)* colors necessary for the document (scroll to see all the entries).
  6. Choose OK.
  7. In the Edit Color dialog box set Type to Process. Set Model to CMYK. Choose OK.
  8. When the Define Colors dialog box re-appears, choose OK (the colors are now available for use).