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HP Designjet 200/220/230/250C Printers - Tips for Loading Media

Loading media seems to be difficult with the HP DesignJet 2x0 printer. Are there any tips to loading the media?
If the printer has no legs, position the printer at the edge of the table.
Hold the sheet media by its edges, about a hands length from the top left and right corners of the sheet media. Align the right-hand side of the sheet media with the line of holes on the media entry slot of the printer. Make sure all of the top edge of the sheet media is placed inside the entry slot. You must pay special attention to this point if the sheet media is wider than ANSI A or A4 size.
While keeping the right-hand side aligned with the holes of the media entry slot, push the sheet media in one swift and decisive movement up into the media entry slot.
Try and keep the angle of the media the same as the angle of the holes of the entry slot.
Three things will happen in quick succession:
  1. You will feel the sheet media come up against the media stops.
  2. The sheet media may buckle slightly, as you are still pushing it.
  3. The printer will start to take the sheet media from you. At this point, let go! Once the printer has taken the sheet from you, it will push it out again a little way before it feeds it IN again to be checked for alignment.
Do not touch the sheet media while it is pushed out, as this would probably misalign the media. During the media alignment sequence, the Ready light is blinking. Once the Ready light stays on solid, the printer is ready to receive data.