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OMEN by HP GA1-1000 Accelerator - Setting Up the OMEN Graphics Accelerator

Set up an OMEN by HP GA1-1000 Accelerator with your compatible computer, and then use OMEN Accelerator app to customize the settings.

Install a graphics card

Install a full or half-length graphics card to enhance your gaming experience.


The bracket and non-captive screw are included in models that came with graphics cards installed during manufacturing. They are intended to prevent damage during transportation to the owner. The bracket and non-captive screw are not needed for installation of full length graphics cards.

  1. To open the access panel, pull up on the release latch, and then lift the access panel.

    Opening the access panel
  2. Insert the graphics card into the PCI slot.

    Inserting the graphics card in the PCI slot
  3. Secure the card in place.

    • Full-length card: Place the bracket on the card, and then install the screws to secure the bracket and card in place.

    • Half-length card: Install the screw to secure the card in place.

  4. Plug in the power cord, and then close the access panel.

    Plugging in the power cord

Update your computer

Update the firmware, software, and drivers for you computer before you use the OMEN by HP GA1-1000 Accelerator.

  1. Make sure your computer is using AC power and has an active internet connection.

  2. Download and install the latest graphics driver from the manufacturer's website:

  3. Update the BIOS on your computer. For detailed steps, go to:

  4. Restart your computer if it does not restart automatically.

  5. After the computer restarts, download and install the latest Intel Thunderbolt packages:

  6. Connect the OMEN Accelerator to the Thunderbolt 3 port on your computer.

  7. With the accelerator connected, download and install the latest OMEN Accelerator drivers:

Install an internal hard drive

Install an internal hard drive in the OMEN Accelerator.

  1. To open the access panel, pull up on the release latch, and then lift the access panel.

    Opening the access panel
  2. Remove the hard drive from its packaging.

  3. While grasping the hard drive in one hand, lower the hard drive into the hard drive tray, and then install the screws.

    Lowering the hard drive into the tray, and then tightening the screws
  4. Insert the hard drive tray into the drive bay, pushing the tray toward the rear of the accelerator shell until it clicks into place.

    Lowering the hard drive into the bay
  5. Tighten the screw, and then connect the cable to the rear of the hard drive.

    Securing the hard drive in the bay
  6. Close the access panel.

Use the OMEN Accelerator app

Use the OMEN Accelerator app to switch between graphics cards, view the use of network resources, and change settings.

  1. Open the OMEN Accelerator app.

    If you are opening the app for the first time, a welcome screen displays with explanations of the features and functions of the app.

  2. Choose a feature depending on what you want to do.

    • Graphics Switcher: Switch between graphics cards, set the app to open automatically, or switch graphic processors automatically when you connect the OMEN Accelerator.

    • Network Booster: View or change network service priorities for the different apps running on the computer.

Disconnect the OMEN Accelerator

Properly disconnect the OMEN Accelerator to avoid any loss of data or other issues.

  1. On your computer, click the Thunderbolt icon in the system tray display or menu.

  2. Select Eject OMEN Accelerator.

  3. Disconnect the accelerator after the Safe to remove hardware message displays.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Still have a question? Find additional answers and help.

How do I update the accelerator?

To update the OMEN Accelerator, you can follow the on-screen prompts for important updates, or manually download recommended updates.


HP Support Assistant (HPSA) delivers the updates. If HPSA is not installed on your computer, the app prompts you to install it.

  1. Make sure your computer is using AC power and has an active internet connection.

  2. Click the Update button on the prompt, or select Update in the app navigation pane, and then click the button on the prompt.

    The app searches for updates using HPSA. If HPSA is not installed, follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install important updates, or wait for the app to find recommended updates, and then follow any on-screen prompts.

  4. Restart your computer if necessary.

What if the message 'Error: OMEN Accelerator box cannot be detected' displays?

The message Error: OMEN Accelerator box cannot be detected. Please ensure that the box is properly plugged in and try again. Allow a few seconds for the box to boot up. might display if the accelerator is opened manually or the connection is lost or becomes loose. Check the connections to make sure they are secure. When the computer detects the OMEN Accelerator, the message no longer displays.

What if I see error messages in the Graphic Switcher?

Different message might display in the Graphics Switcher depending on the issue detected by the app. Each error message no longer displays when the issue is resolved.

  • External graphics card is not detected. Please try again.: Check the connection to make sure it is secure.

  • Graphics Card driver not found. Please install to continue.: This message displays when the graphics card driver is not detected or the card is working with the Microsoft in-box driver. Wait for the app to detect the card.

  • Unknown device error. Please check the Device Manager for more information.: This message displays when a device error (yellow bang) occurs and it only affects the Graphics Switcher mode. Wait for the error to resolve. You can continue to use the other features of the app while the error resolves.






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