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HP Roam - Printer demo preparation

Setup and requirements

This document is intended to demonstrate HP Roam functionality, user experience, and administration. It is assumed that you have access to a working HP Roam setup (workstation, mobile device, printer). For deployment information, please refer to the HP Roam Checklist and Deployment Guide.
Items that will aid the demo
  • Screen share/cast mobile (Android/iOS) device for presentation.
  • HP Roam app installed on mobile (Android/iOS).
  • HP Roam app installed on Win 10 (includes the print driver).
  • Printer firmware must be FutureSmart v4.6.0.1, or greater.
  • Printer must have HP Roam app installed (it is recommended that you put the HP Roam tile on the first screen).
  • Printer must have either a Radius Networks RadBeacon USB or HP JetDirect 3100w for Bluetooth notifications/release.
  • HP Roam Connect Tool installed.
  • Printer must be able to communicate with the cloud, so need to set proxy, ports, etc.
  • Bluetooth must be enabled on mobile device to get HP Roam-related alerts.
  • Log in to HP Roam with your credentials (on both workstation and mobile) before demo.
  • To show multiple jobs waiting in your print queue, send a few ahead of time.

Workstation printing and HP Roam app walkthrough

To print from a workstation, complete the following steps:
  1. Open a demo document and click File > Print.
    The HP Roam driver is the default selection. This can be changed during installation.
    Optional: You can open Properties to show print job manipulations (limited at this time) such as Duplex, Color/Mono, n-Up, etc.
  2. Click Print.
    You will see a pop-up notification in the system tray stating “Sending to HP Roam…”, then confirmation that the job has been “Sent to HP Roam!”
  3. Open the HP Roam app (Start > HP > HP Roam OR HP Roam icon in the system tray)
  4. Show the following:
    • App UI
    • Jobs waiting for release
    • Account settings

Mobile app printing, job release, and app walkthrough

From a mobile device

  1. Open a document on your mobile device, and print normally.
  2. Print dialogue will open with HP Roam as the default printer.
    Optional: You can show the print job options (limited at this time) such as Duplex, Color/Mono, Orientation, Copy count, etc.
  3. Tap Print.
  4. You should receive a notification that you have “Documents ready to print” and listing a “Nearby printer” when the job is ready for release.
  5. Tap either the notification or open the HP Roam app to display your personal print queue.
  6. Select a print job, and click the printer icon to release it.
  7. Show additional printers in range by swiping down.

From the printer

  1. Tap the HP Roam app (tile) on the front panel, and log in with your credentials.
    Point out the option to keep user name in the recent user list.
  2. Select a job from the queue.
    1. Job preview.
    2. Job options displayed below preview.
  3. Tap right-arrow to display document printing options.
  4. Tap Done when finished.
  5. Tap Print to release job.
    A check mark appears next to the job name when release command is completed.

From the admin console

Open the HP Roam admin console (https://hp-roam.com/login) and log in with your credentials (if you have been logged out).

Adding printers

  1. Show printer list, how to enable/disable HP Roam and Guest printing per device.
  2. Click +Add Printer to add a printer.
  3. Click Import Printers, and show how printers can be added via csv upload, and format required.
  4. Click Discover Printers to bring up the HP Roam Connect Tool.
  5. Launch the HP Roam Connect tool:
    1. Click the HP Roam Printer Discovery Setup icon on the desktop.
    2. Log in using admin credentials.
  6. Click Discover HP Roam capable printers to start the discovery.
    Printers that are HP Roam capable will display in the “Discovered printers” pane.
  7. Select a printer from the Discovered printers pane and click the right arrow to move it to the Selected printers pane.
  8. Select Sync to HP Roam to place this printer in your printer list. Display admin console printer list.

Adding Users

  1. Select the Users tab.
  2. Show user list, how to enable/disable HP Roam per user, and Guest printing, globally.
  3. Click +Add User, and add a printer. Point it out in the printer list.
    This is when an invitation is emailed to the user with account activation instructions.
  4. Click Import Users, and show how user can be added via csv upload, and format required.

Azure AD Authentication

  1. Select the Authentication tab.
  2. Administrators can:
    • Enter their Azure AD authentication options.


  1. Select the Settings gear.
  2. Administrators can:
    • Change their password
    • Log out

Learn more about HP Roam

For more information about HP Roam, please visit HP Roam — Help topics, FAQ’s, and other resources.






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